Breaking Down Ángel Hernández’s WORST CALLS!!!

Breaking Down Ángel Hernández's WORST CALLS!!!

Breaking Down Ángel Hernández’s WORST CALLS!!!

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host, Frank Ramppen. In this episode, we have some significant news: Angel Hernandez has retired from Major League Baseball after 34 years of umpiring. Love him or hate him, Angel Hernandez has been a polarizing figure in Major League Baseball for the last 34 years. One of the mainstay figures over the last three decades of baseball has finally retired, and we’re going to have to do a breakdown video on his career.

Angel Hernandez is well known for having had a number of questionable calls over his career, both behind the plate and on the base paths. He began his career in 1991 as a call-up umpire and became a full-time umpire in the major leagues in 1993. Over his career, he worked three All-Star games—in 1999 at Fenway Park, in 2009, and in 2017. He also umpired 12 Division Series, eight Championship Series, and two World Series in 2002 and 2005. Angel Hernandez has seen a lot of baseball over his time, but he finally hangs up his gear.

Born in Havana, Cuba, in August 1962, Angel Hernandez’s family moved to Hialeah, Florida, when he was just 14 months old. He began umpiring at a very young age, starting in the KY league in St. Louis as a teenager. In 1981, he began umpiring in the Florida State League, his first professional job at 18 years old, where he made $900 a month.

Angel Hernandez has been an umpire for basically his entire life. He moved to the Carolina League in 1984 and was promoted to the Southern League in 1986, earning a raise to $1,800. He reached the top level of minor league baseball in the American Association in 1988, where he was paid $2,200. Hernandez has been a lifer in umpiring, whether it be in the major leagues, minor leagues, or other leagues that weren’t even considered professional.

In May 1991, he got his first call-ups to the major leagues as a substitute for a full-time umpire.

For more about Angel Hernandez and some of his most controversial calls, click the video below!

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