Rapsodo Leaderboard

Rapsodo Leaderboard

Welcome to the Rapsodo!  Athletes can track their progress to see how they stack up against other athletes in their age groups.  If you know an athlete who would benefit from tracking their metrics, contact us for an evaluation now!

Exit Velocity

The 5-10-5 shows an athletes ability to change directions, control their body movements and regain acceleration.  Below you will see the leaderboard for our athletes. 


The best in the game trust Rapsodo data. That’s why their baseball training technology is used by all 30 MLB teams and can be found at more than 1,200 colleges and facilities across the U.S. Built to capture data and video on or off the field, coaches can record, analyze, and apply data during or after each session.

Rapsodo camera and radar technology provides accurate, pro-level data. Their products work together seamlessly connecting mechanics with hitting and pitching data. The synergy between their products can be best seen when using them together. We help athletes improve performance with data-driven technology.