BVSA Sports Show: Episode 11

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 11

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 11

Anthony Conte here introducing episode 11 of the BV Sports show. We’ve got Taylor Olmstead, Matt Diurno, Joe Wanderlingh, and Frankie Ramppen back. Matt, you haven’t been on and I think we’re gonna get into why maybe in a little bit. Joe, take it away, man. 

Joe: I would love to. You got about 5 minutes. We’re going to start with the biggest section, the biggest part of our show today: Fantasy Football Championship is here. Is it Matt and Taylor… you guys are playing in the final together? 

Taylor: I’ll be there.

Joe: You’ll be there, and Matt you’re gonna be there? 

Matt: Yeah I bought my ticket already, I’m gonna be watching.

Joe: Five losses in a row. You did not win a game since being on the show. The real impressive thing is you were 9-1 and lost four in a row and still got the one seed. Terrible, that is how dominant you were. Where did it go wrong?

Matt: Well, so you know, like I said go back to a clip on that first episode I was on where I said knock on wood I haven’t had any injuries two weeks in a row. One I lost to him, Eagles had the best rushing game of their entire existence. Etienne got hurt one week, lost that week too. Then got outscored a couple of times. Get to the playoffs, decide to go crazy, start the Broncos defense against the Rams. Baker Mayfield stinks, you know, it’s going to be great. Oh no, we’re going to put up 50 plus on them and they’re going to get negative points then I’m going to lose by 1.2 to Taylor. 

Taylor: Sometimes it just happens, but you know I think my guys are really prepared this week and they just really wanted it a little bit more. You know one point more than you.

Matt: You’re lucky that you were the one that beat me and it wasn’t Mike because if it was Mike it would have been very different. I would have been reacting a little differently.

Taylor: I like my odds in the championship. I don’t want to saying anything but it’s looking good.

Frankie: You’re playing Mike in the championship? How does that happen? How’d you let that happen? That’s even more embarassing than what we just talked about. 

Taylor: Our quarterback matchup this week was Jared Goff and Gardner Minshew. It’s been a weird year. Started 5-1 and then lost 4 in a row. My guys just bounced back. Everyone thinks that Bills and Bengals game is going to be a shootout. However, it’s a big game right. I think the defenses are going to show up so we’ll see. 

Joe: You know next week regardless you’re coming back on and Mike’s going to come back on so if you’d like to say anything to him now or you want to wait for next week wait to see some results. You seem like a really humble guy you know your way to let the thing happen first and then you talk about it.

Taylor: So I’m not gonna get into it I just like my chances. My guys are having a really good week of practice, everyone’s healthy, um I’m gonna have to start Jared Goff again he’s on a hot streak so report on Wednesday. We’ll talk about it next week, I like my chances.

Joe: Alright we’ll leave it at that. Matt, that thanks for being here, you’re gonna jump into your lesson, go Inspire the youth. 

Matt: Oh yeah big third place game this week. I’m gonna score 170 this week I’m gonna beat everyone that I would have either played or am playing and then I’m gonna be annoyed. The Broncos defense is gone forever.

For more information from this conversation regarding fantasy football and nearing the end of football season click the video below!

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