BVSA Sports Show: Episode 12

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 12

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 12

Joe – Two games Saturday rest of the games are on Sunday. The whole NFC East plays on Sunday. Dallas is at Washington. The Giants are at the Eagles. All four teams are in very different places right now. Commanders eliminated, not even going to bother with them. But Sam Howell, rookie Sam Howell, starting, I think is pretty cool to see what they got. They’re playing a Cowboys team that I think is in the most interesting position out of the four teams right now. If we have it correctly, the Cowboys have the one, two, and five seeds of the three spots they can land in. Yeah, so I think it’s as simple as the Eagles win, they’re the one seed, putting the Cowboys at five, done deal. If the Eagles lose, which I personally don’t see happening, playing at home against a Giants team that is locked in at the sixth seed, probably going to rest all of their starters.

Taylor: I assume they might play a little bit just to continue with reps and feeling, you know, because they’ve been playing pretty good football. But I don’t see their seed not changing at all. I don’t see them risking any big injuries or anything like that. 

Joe – You never know, potentially got Tyrod Taylor going up against Gardner Minshew. I don’t know what the latest is on Jalen Hurts. 

Taylor – He was limited Wednesday. He’s starting to practice. They haven’t really made a decision yet. But with the seeding on the line, I can’t see him not playing if he’s good to go. 

Joe – Yeah, I think the Eagles is a no-brainer. Whoever’s healthy needs to play and includes Jalen Hurts. Lock up the one seed, get a bye, get healthy, whatever it is. The Cowboys are so interesting to me because they need to win. They need the Eagles to lose and they need the 49ers to lose at home against an Arizona Cardinals team on their fourth quarterback. So to me, risk those guys going out there. Someone gets banged up, probably not getting the one seed. Obviously, you have a better chance at the two seed, which is huge. Winning the division versus getting a wild card. But looking at it just for next week alone, I know it’s Tom Brady. We talked about it a little bit last week, the idea of the Cowboys getting the five and going to Tampa versus potentially getting the two seed and playing a red-hot Aaron Rodgers. And I get it to be a home game, but to me, I don’t see any benefit of the Cowboys throwing their starters out there because too many pieces need to fall to get the one seed, which to me seems near impossible.

Joey – Like you said, also, their idea of behind throwing everybody out there, yes, they have potential to get the one seed, but then again, if you’re playing Brady in the playoffs, we all know he’s spectacularly well-known. He’s arguably the GOAT, maybe not arguably, but I think it’s just smarter for them to rest everybody because of all the scenarios that need to happen for them to win to get the one seed. And then also, we also don’t know what time the games are. So like, if the Eagles games and the Niners games are before Dallas, let’s say the Eagles win, why would Dallas play everybody?

Joe – I’m telling you, right? The Eagles play at 4:00, Cowboys play at 4:00, Niners play at 4:00.

Joey – Okay, so I feel like you kind of have to take the chance.

Taylor – I mean, I think I have a little different mindset from both you guys on that. I think the Cowboys should play their guys. I mean, I think the difference in seeding can be huge. The home game versus an away game in Tampa, even though they’re not playing well, it’s Brady. I think the seeding is huge. And I think it’s kind of a game where you start your guys, you go out there, and if you know the game’s in hand, then you can kind of rest some guys. But I think personally, I think you’ve got to play your guys because in the NFL, it’s so hard to win. And if you can get a higher seed and potentially play at home for the first round, I think that’s huge. And I think if you rest your guys, all these other things need to happen. But if you can play well and then again, see how the game goes, if the game’s out of hand, then you can kind of make a choice. But if there’s that seeding and that home game, I think that’s huge. And you know, once you get in the playoffs, you don’t know. Anything can happen. And I think being at home is such a huge thing. And then versus playing away against Brady, you know, where anything could happen. I think you’ve got to play your guys. I’m kind of, I’ve always been in that mindset unless, you know, done deal, locked up the one seed weeks ago, maybe that’s a little different. But I think you’ve got to play your guys, see how the game goes, and kind of manage it from there.

Joey – Well, here’s the thing too. Like, everybody kind of knows that home games are very important. You know, it was like, they historically win at home more often than they do on the road.

Taylor – You said it.

Joey – Now you’re gonna bring it up.

Taylor – No, I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Joey – No, listen. Like, that’s, like, I mean, there are many Cowboys fans out there who do not accept that. But, like, that’s some of the Cowboys. Home games are huge. And not only that, but like, you have the chance to either play, what is it? It’s between, it’ll be between the Buccaneers and the Eagles if they, if they get the five, and then either you play Jalen Hurts or Tom Brady at home. Like, that’s, I mean, Tom Brady’s 9-0 against the Cowboys.

Taylor – Or did you say potentially the Packers? Who would they play?

Joe – So, if the Packers get the seven, which they, I think, if they win, they’re in. They get the two seed. Which, like, the Cowboys are much more likely to get the two than the one, yeah. I mean, and we’re talking one week, right? If the Cowboys have the aspirations, like every team, but particularly the Cowboys, who have their recent past in the playoffs, right? They’re, it’s Super Bowl or nothing for Jerry and that crew. So, for one week, yeah, forget the matchup of if it’s a road game against the Bucs or a home game against the Packers. Getting the two versus getting the five, the path to the Super Bowl, it adds a couple of home games.

Taylor – At the end of the day, we can talk about this, and like, I’m sure you guys would agree, but we could talk about this as much as we want. You still gotta win once you get in there. It’s just, you know, now we’re in it.

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