BVSA Sports Show: Episode 14

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 14

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 14

Joe – Let’s start right from the top. Game one this past week, San Francisco and Seattle. What I thought was probably going to be the real dud of the weekend. Seattle went into halftime, I’m pretty sure up a point before San Francisco pulled away. And you can please share how you feel about San Francisco, the game, whatever it is. But nothing has changed on my end that San Francisco and Brock Purdy are going… There’s just too much firepower there. They’re still my representation of the NFC in the Super Bowl a couple of weeks away. 

Matt – Yeah, that team… I mean, so I talked about this a while ago when we were talking about… We talked about Garoppolo going down and like how is Purdy gonna do? He did well in the regular season. He looked great, and obviously, we’re just like, “Yeah, I mean, you got Shanahan, you got all those players.” But now that he’s doing that in the playoffs against a Seahawks team that their defense isn’t bad. Like, that’s a solid team. They got some rookies. Obviously, they’re young. They’re still learning, but that’s not an easy team to just do well against. And they had… What, he had like 300 yards, three touchdowns, something like that? Yeah, so… I mean, he’s hot right now. Everything’s clicking for that team. In the second half, the defense showed up more for them than more so than the first half. And I think that’s the biggest thing for them is that secondary not having so much pressure on them if their pass rush is doing well. I think they’ll be in a good spot. I think they’re… Yeah, I think they’re definitely one of the favorites to make it. 

Joe – Absolutely. I know you have made a little bit of a different opinion with the Philadelphia Eagles team that we’ll definitely get into when we talk about that matchup against the Giants this weekend in terms of who’s making it to the Super Bowl out of the NFC on your end. But this, I find very few teams that can match up with their star power offensively and defensively, and then mix in the great head coaching, especially on that weak NFC side. There are obviously a couple of teams in the AFC that will give them a fight, and you know, I assume we will get there. But just a slow start out of the gate, a little bit, maybe a little bit of a scare, but second half, they turned it on real quick. There were no worries. Can’t say the same about Buffalo and their matchup with Miami, but that was Sunday. Let’s stay on Saturday, and that night game, Jaguars-Chargers, easily the game of the weekend. Didn’t start out that way. Chargers go up 27-0. The game is over. People probably turning it off, looking elsewhere, going on with their Saturday night. And then all of a sudden, Jaguars get a touchdown, right before halftime, 27-7. You think, “Okay, no problem.” And they just never went away. They chipped and chipped, and all of a sudden, they’re 10 points back. And they score a touchdown, and now it’s 30-26, five and a half minutes to go. They go to kick the extra point, and Joey Bosa pulls a little episode. And whether rightfully so or not, I mean, the flag that he was arguing was clear as day. It should have been a call. He kind of loses his cool, and that penalty, they take the extra point off the board because the Jaguars elect to go for two, which is still a crazy call, in my opinion. I don’t know how you do that, going from the one versus the two, right? They get it. Now they’re down two. The kid game-winning field goal, game over. I think it was the third biggest playoff comeback in history. So my hat’s off to Doug Pederson for a gutsy, gutsy call. I don’t care the situation, wherever it was. You don’t go for two in that spot, in my opinion. But it worked. That’s why he’s coaching, and we’re not. He gets it. They get the ball back. They march down. Once they got the ball back, you knew, like, plenty of time, Trevor Lawrence, it’s gonna happen. 

Matt – They just… Yeah, they were flowing well. 

Joe – Kick the game-winning field goal. So I have two thoughts on this. Chargers, number one, you have to blow this team up now. You have to. Your coach cannot stay there. Staley, and I blanked on his name, Brandon Staley. I think he needs to go. Your offensive coordinator might have to go too, because your defense got you five turnovers in that game. You had five turnovers to none, and you lost that game. 

Matt – Yeah, so the funny thing is, I’m pretty sure they already talked about Staley, and they said that he’s coming back for another year. Makes no sense. I think that they assume that it’s not really his fault. It’s like a team thing, and… It’s like… I don’t know. They got complacent with where they were. Yeah. But… No, I think the… Honestly, I think the biggest play in that game for the Jags was when Pederson had the fourth down, and everyone’s assuming QB sneak, right? They did it at the one-yard line. He jumps over the line. He’s 6’6″, right? Yep. They… They put three backs in the backfield, lined up… I’ve never seen this play call in my life, and they just assumed they’re going up the middle. They do a little trick play, I guess, a little handoff to the outside. Etienne gets, like, 20 yards. That’s just… That blows up the game. That’s pretty much it. So, um… I think he has the experience. Obviously, won with the Eagles, of that team, with Nick Foles, like, amazing. Like, it’s just insane. So, that team is hot right now. Like, if, honestly, if I’m the Chiefs going into this weekend, you’ve got to… Like, you cannot get complacent. And obviously, I don’t think Andy Reid will. He’s got plenty of experience. Mahomes does as well, with so little years, you know. But I think that game could be a lot closer than people think. 

Joe – No, absolutely. And I’ve totally forgotten about that play. And that same kind of idea of fourth and short, you think QB sneak. Now that all these teams are kind of bringing someone behind the quarterback and pushing them forward, it’s working 95 – 100% of the time, right? You call that counter. Now you’re moving east and west, which they tell you never to do. So they run that play, and you got what? 15, 20 yards? They made it look effortless. Easy, easy. That’s the crazy part with the Jaguars. And it goes all in on Trevor Lawrence. I just heard the stat yesterday or this morning, whoever was the guy, has never lost a football game on Saturday. I saw that, but he has like 54 high school games under his belt where he’s 52 and 2. The two losses both came on a Friday and two college losses. One Monday night championship game against Georgia, one on a Friday night against Ohio State. The dude has never lost on a Saturday. But with over 100 games played, it’s an absolutely insane stat. And now you’re going on Saturday night against… Look, I had the Chiefs pulled up for me and you know, talking about the Jaguars, I’m all in on this team. I love this team. I don’t see a situation, a scenario, like all the things have to go right for them and all the things have to go wrong for Kansas City on Saturday. And I think Kansas City still finds a way to win.

Matt – That’s what they do.

For more information on the divisional round of the NFL playoffs click the video below!

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