BVSA Sports Show: Episode 17

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 17

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 17

Joe – Talking strictly Super Bowl, no baseball, nothing else, all football, a lot of stuff we can dive into, obviously with the game itself, the last two games that were played. We pulled up some cool props that are gonna be going on on Sunday. Everyone kind of gets into the props instead of just the game and the winner and the over/under and stuff like that, so we’ll dive into that after today. After this week’s show, we have about three weeks of dead time. World Baseball Classic starts early March, March Madness, MLB baseball, so we’re going to look to find some other plug-ins like Bobby, like Nic Civale we had last week, so definitely plenty of content coming your way, just maybe not so much, you know, picks and predictions and stuff like that for at least the next couple weeks until they get into March. Let’s start with the football side of things, giving you the credit where credit is due. Tip my cap to you. I thought it was just from a couple of weeks ago, you were spot on with the Eagles and the Chiefs. You said it during the championship round two weeks ago. You said it definitely pre-playoff. You’re going back all the way from Thanksgiving. 

Matt – Yeah, this was like episode five, I think, this was like the week before Thanksgiving. We were just doing our Super Bowl picks just to kind of have an idea. What do you think is going to happen, blah, blah, with where we’re at? And yeah, my original prediction was Chiefs-Eagles, and I had the Chiefs taking it all. So I’m pretty happy with… I’ve never… I don’t think I’ve ever predicted it like that. Now, obviously, they were like the two best teams, but that was just early on. So, yeah, I’m pretty happy with myself right now.

Joe – Regardless of the timeline of it, the idea of betting chalk or betting the favorites, like, when it works, you come out looking like a genius, and guys like me that were trying to find value and find something a little bit different in Cincinnati and San Fran, and the two games, the two championship games were fine, in my opinion. Obviously, Brock Purdy goes down, tried throwing with nerve damage to his UCL, needs Tommy John. Josh Johnson comes in, fourth quarterback. I don’t care how good that roster is, top to bottom, they were gonna have a tough time moving the ball. Christian McCaffrey even made a throw or two, I think. Yeah, so obviously that game was a wash. And then the second game, which I think was going to be the more exciting of the two, a lot less scoring than we thought. Yeah, and in my opinion, and a lot of people agree, a little bit of some sketchy officiating.

Matt – I think I mean, this year has been kind of all over the place with officiating. And then it’s funny you say that because I think it was this past week Goodell was like, “Yeah, we think this is like the best year we’ve had or the officiating is great right now.” And I’m like, “I don’t know about that.” It’s tough because like they’re making it so that every little thing counts as a flag or whatnot now. And it’s like, you can’t touch the quarterback all this other stuff, late hits, blah, blah. So I mean, it’s tough. I’ll give them a little like, you know, I mean, sometimes they don’t really know. They may not even know the rule because it changes so often now. So, yeah, it does suck to see it in such a big game, obviously you don’t want to see that. You’d rather see that in the regular season when it’s done with, when you get to the playoffs. But unfortunately, it was a part of it.

Joe – Yeah, it happens across all sports, right? For football, people say you can argue there’s holding on every play. Like if they really wanted to call it or find it, you can. I know in hockey, they tend to call less penalties in the playoffs, like let the guys play, let them figure it out. And to an extent, football, I like to believe does the same thing. The biggest problem is, like you said, they don’t know what to call or to what extent. Like these roughing the passer calls, crazy. So Joe Burrow goes down, no call. Patrick Mahomes goes down, he gets the call. The biggest thing for me, the only officiating one, the biggest play that sticks out for me is the redo third down. Yeah, that was… it looks like the ref from a distance was running in where the safeties are trying to blow the play dead. No one heard him because the place is so loud and then he kind of just let it play itself out and then the Chiefs happened to not convert and then they got together and said, “Do it again.” So, obviously we’ll never know what happens if they convert that first down if they say, “Let’s do it again.” So, just a little hairy there. Obviously, the last play that Mahomes was thrown out of bounds, that was the right call. You call that regardless of that was like for sure the game and how early in the game that was the right call. That poor guy’s got to live with that now for the rest of his life. So, that’s all said and done. Now, we fast forward to Sunday’s game and before I even get into it, we’re around kids of all ages and obviously coaches that are kind of around our age, but just top to bottom. I feel like nobody cares about this game. Like, at least in the sense of Super Bowl parties or like what they’re doing, everyone’s just kind of like, “Yeah, we’re just gonna, you know, be home. We’ll throw it on. We’ll watch Rihanna and that’s it.” Like, no one is really, I feel like, in years past, people are more into it and ramped up for it and I feel like no one really cares this year.

Matt – Yeah, I don’t disagree with you, actually, which is crazy to me because I feel like this is one of those years that is actually kind of rare because it’s one game to get to the next round, like single elimination, you’re out. It’s the two best teams in the NFL. These are the two best teams throughout the entire year. They looked like it throughout the playoffs. They got it done. I feel like this game is going to be amazing. Like, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. So, I don’t know. Yeah, you’re kind of right, though. There is… It doesn’t really have that same pizzazz that it’s had in recent years, yeah.

Joe – Like, we even waited until right… We’re 48 hours away from Super Bowl Sunday, right? We recorded this last week. We could have been like, “Okay, like, we’re still a ways away,” as it gets closer. People kind of get more into it. We’re two days away, and just, you know, everyone says, “Who are you picking? Who’s picking this team? I like this team,” and that’s it. And there’s plenty to talk about, like I said. Two best teams, two crazy offenses, two pretty good defenses. The two quarterbacks were one and two in the MVP voting that went to Mahomes last night, right? The Kelce Brothers, you have two brothers playing on two ends of the ball. I know one is, you know, a center versus a star tight end, but still. A lot going on, and just, to me, not the same kind of pizzazz if that’s even the word.

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