BVSA Sports Show: Episode 18

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 18

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 18

Joe – Episode 18 of the BVSA Sports show. We have my beloved golf instructor to the end there, Matt, and the man in the middle needs no introduction, Bills Mafia as New Canaan High School likes to call him, Coach Mike. Co-fantasy football champion, is that how we established that? 

Mike – It depends on which perspective you’d like to choose, but I like to think of myself as the crowned champ, thank you. 

Joe – Crowned champ. Make sure we get a crown delivered to you ASAP. Last episode that we’re gonna be talking any kind of football for a while. Obviously, the Super Bowl is now behind us, a great game. The right team won. Coach Matt’s spot on back from November predicted the Super Bowl, predicted the winner, basically predicted why it kind of all came to fruition. We posted that short a couple of days ago of him just sitting there, arms crossed, relaxing over there on the turf, and spot on prediction. So congratulations to you.

Matt – Appreciate that.

Joe – So if you really want to dive into the game and that everyone’s been talking about that holding call at the end, I’m kind of over that conversation. The fact that the guy who held him said it was a hold, I’m good with it. Let’s move on from there. The real conversation for me is Patrick Mahomes and comparing him to Tom Brady already. Basically, if he retired today, is he a Hall of Famer? The guy’s 27 years old, he’s been a starter for five years, he’s hosted every AFC Championship game. To me, he could retire today, he could be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. What else does he have to prove?

Matt – Yeah, I probably agree with you. So the big comparison, yeah, you can compare him to Tom Brady. But when you talk about his athletic ability, what he can do with the football, he’s more like Aaron Rodgers in that aspect. You’re seeing things that you’ve never seen before, or just haven’t seen it as consistently. Yeah, like his throwing on the run, the whole dropping the arm angle, and he makes it look effortless the way he does it. Now, obviously, the winning aspect is where he gets Tom Brady. Now you’re combining Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. I mean, that’s kind of like the perfect quarterback in my eyes. But yeah, I think it’d be harder to argue that he’s not a Hall of Famer already.

Joe – Yeah, he will go down as number one going into next year, ahead of your beloved Josh Allen and Joe Burrow and all these other guys, right? He has separated himself so far from everybody else currently playing, and that includes Aaron Rodgers right now in the shape that he’s in, what he’s doing, if he even still wants to play. Tom Brady obviously just retired, so he’s far and above everybody else currently playing. And then it comes down to, like you said, the Aaron Rodgers comparisons. I think it’s spot on, and the Tom Brady comparison. They put their stats up side by side of each other, and he’s got almost double the yards, fewer turnovers, more touchdowns. The rings, everything else he’s gonna finish with, you know, the sky’s the limit, three, four, five more, right? He’s got 10 more years this guy could stay healthy, which this year he wasn’t, and he’s hobbling along, playing on one leg, and still wins the Super Bowl. So, you’re gonna enjoy going up against him for years to come.

Mike – You know what, here’s the thing, the best thing and worst thing he has going for him right now is time, right? He has the time to go on and surpass Brady, obviously, as you mentioned with the numbers already, but he also has the time to go on and totally deflate throughout his career, and mix his legacy up with what we think of it now, you know? 

Joe – So, it’s definitely a long way to go, but the fact that this was the first year he lost Tyreek Hill, everyone was saying, taking a step back, loaded AFC West, which on paper it was, all four teams, right? Travis Kelce made sure everyone knew about it during the parade, like all these guys that called them out and said they’re not making the playoffs, Patrick Mahomes is this and that, and then they just go out and did it. So, we’ll leave that for now, but staying on the topic of these quarterbacks, what we want to do today is kind of go through all of these quarterbacks, really, as the carousel is going to start to turn, right? Tom Brady was the first piece that fell, sounds like he’s retired for good, and apparently he’s now like shooting straight up to the A-team for, uh, is it Fox, whatever. Greg Olsen’s done, which I thought he’s doing a pretty good job, but yeah, but Tom Brady’s broadcasting career is about to take off. Since we’ve talked about Aaron Rodgers, all right, let’s go kind of down the line here of, like, where the hell is he going? He took four days in darkness to think about it and meditate, and sounds like a decision might come soon. I think the Derek Carr shoe is going to fall first, but we’ll start with Rodgers. Where is he going?

Matt – I would say the Jets because of the coaching alignment with the offensive coordinator, right? So, um, I don’t know, he played with him before. He was a terrible head coach, but I mean, he did pretty well on the offensive side. So, um, if he feels like the Jets have enough talent to get to a Super Bowl, which, honestly, on paper, I would say they do. I think that defense is ridiculous, plenty of young players that are just going to keep getting better. Um, probably need a little bit more on the O-line, but they have pretty good weapons on offense. You can always add a couple if they wanted to. Um, I think he would be happy going there, but I think it would be, it’d be a little different, right? Because he was on the Packers where every year it was, “Oh, Aaron Rodgers has no weapons. They’re not trading for anybody. They don’t draft wide receivers ever.” So, um, going to the Jets, I think they have to promise him, like, “Hey, like, we’ll make, like, if you want us to do more, if you feel like you need more to get it done, we’ll get it done. Like, we’ll find a way to get you here and compete for a championship.” I think that’s the spot for him, personally.

Mike – Now, I haven’t been keeping up too much with the Aaron Rodgers thing, you know? I personally think he ventures into isolation. We never see or hear from him again, but that’s my personal theory. What I could definitely imagine is him reuniting with his boy, D Adams. Okay. I think both him and Rodgers learned this year how vital they are in each other’s success. And that’s not saying that either can replace the other. It’s just saying that they found a groove together that, you know, maybe at this point in their careers, they don’t want to have to try to find with somebody else. So that’s what I think is going for both of them. I think both of them, Rodgers wants another ring, Adams wants another ring. And, you know, they figure they might as well get back together and go for it together in these last however many years of their respective careers.

Joe – Yeah, those are the two, in my opinion, the two only options for them. Option three is he’s retiring, right? He had some ties to San Francisco. They have enough going on with their three quarterbacks. I don’t think he’s gonna entertain that or vice versa, right? As much as I would love to be a very optimistic, hopeful Washington Commanders fan, I don’t think he’s gonna go anywhere near them, at least until they figure out the whole ownership thing. Yeah. So the one dark horse team that Derek Carr now is apparently a little bit tied to is the Saints. I have no idea what they’re going to do with quarterback. It sounds like they want to make some kind of splash. Yeah. But to your point, I mean, I can go Jets. I can go Raiders. To be different, I’m going to say he just flat out retires. I think he’s done. I think he’s uninterested. He’s ready for the next phase of his life. He went to go sit in darkness. I forget what it’s called, but it was like 96 hours of just like isolation. Yeah, he’s done it before, apparently. And yeah, I just think he’s going to like, Vegas could be a spot where he can win, but comes with headaches. The Jets is a spot he could definitely win. It’s going to come with headaches. I don’t think there’s like a clear path for him. And I think he’s going to just kind of hang it up. 

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