BVSA Sports Show: Episode 2

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 2

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 2

Joe: Let’s start with our first video.

Ant: Boys, who’s winning the World Series?

Virg: Dodgers.

Joe: Can you be any less creative? You didn’t even finish your sentence and he goes “Dodgers”. Right, gone. I hate that it was the Padres that knocked them out. The fact that the Mets, Braves and the Dodgers are all out is absolutely insane.

Virg: I love the chaos.

Joe: Now we got chaos right so Dodgers are out, I’m sorry. Mariners are out, I’m sorry. Tonight’s game or today’s game in a way doesn’t matter I think Yankees or Guardians I think they’re both gonna get there they’re butts whooped by Houston as a anti-yankees fan I am almost rooting for them today because I would love to watch them lose to the Astros yet again. If they lose today it’ll be great, but if they win today and they got all their hopes up again, “this is the year we’re gonna take down the big bad Houston Astros” and then they’re gonna lose in five, so part of me is rooting for them.

Thoughts from a Yankee Fan

Virg: That’s really cute. Honestly I think Boone is slightly over managing with Taillon being scheduled to pitch yesterday, he should just be pitching he’s on normal rest, why are we pitching Cortes on three games? I don’t want to see a heavy righty Indians lineup. Like they have guys coming out of nowhere Gabriel Arias is going to hit for them, he’s now seen Cortez in the series, it takes them that quick to figure it out. I love Cortes but I’m a little worried. I thought Taillon was going to give us basically a quality start, like look good for the Yankees. I thought Civale might throw a couple hanging curve balls, get hit around the park a little. He was either going to completely go out and shove or get shelled and only go forward.

Joe: Does it matter for the next series?

Virg: I think it does, I think the Yankees give Houston a tougher time because Houston has to come into New York, than Houston having to go into Cleveland.

To hear more from the guys about the MLB playoffs click down below for the full video!

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 2

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