BVSA Sports Show: Episode 20

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 20

Alright, what’s up guys Joe Wanderlingh here BVSA Sports Show episode 20. As you can see I am riding solo today with a lot to get into with the NFL but I’ll save that for when Matt is back with us. Tomorrow is the start of March Madness. Favorite time of the year, brackets are out, upsets all over this bracket. I want to take a couple minutes and dive into this with you guys before kicking it over to Frank and Bobby and the debut episode if the When of Bobby V so I’ll kick it over to you guys in just a couple of minutes. I just wanted to go through this with you how to share it with somebody don’t have too many guys around here to go back and forth with so might as well get myself on video giving you the not so expert picks. Obviously Friday morning we all wake up brackets are busted so going in clean slate feeling good thinking this is the year you’ll win some pools or go perfect all that good stuff, let’s dive right into it.

Let’s start upper left of your bracket in the South, just going through your first eight winners Alabama/Maryland pretty chalky. I’m gonna use the word chalk a lot that just means going with the favorites. 1 and 8 Alabama Maryland. Maryland beating West Virginia, sorry Frank, sorry Matt um Frank’s son Matt’s brother um don’t see West Virginia don’t see the Mountaineers coming away with this one I know it’s a heavy public pick but I’m going with Maryland um underneath that are my two my first two big upsets double-digit seeds both 12 and 13. Charleston and Furman over San Diego State and Virginia both teams historically not so great in the tournament Virginia being the big one as they are the only team as a 1 seed ever lose to a 16 seed. As a 4 here I don’t think their luck is going to
change all that much I got Charleston and Furman in two double-digit teams meeting in the round of 32 this weekend towards the bottom it goes back to the favorites 3 and 6 Baylor Creighton. I’m a big big East guy, Providence, Xavier, Creighton, Marquette who you’ll see a little bit later on I have them going very far so I’m a big believer in the Big East. I was there last Wednesday for the first round those first three games so you tend to see a little bit of a trend here of me going a little further than I probably should with those big east teams but can’t help myself and then round it all out Arizona
and Missouri 2 and 7 so from top to bottom you got one eight got the big upsets in the middle 12 and 13, 6, 3, 7 and 2 seeds. Moving into the sweet 16 I’m gonna stay on that one side I’ll get you your one pick on each side of the bracket and then come all together with your final four. I’m sticking with the tide, Alabama, I have Charleston winning that barn burner of a 12 vs 13 seed. Creighton
upsetting Baylor, I think they’re too banged up they really haven’t gotten too much of a rhythm this year especially down the stretch. I think Creighton can handle them and then Arizona beating Missouri that gives you 1 vs 12 and 2 vs 6 in your Elite eight I’m sticking with Alabama sticking with Arizona I think these are the two far and away best teams in this side of the bracket that are going to meet in the elite eight and I’m gonna ride with that one seed Alabama being the first team I have
punching its ticket into the Final Four. 

Over on the top right Midwest we’re going to go Houston Iowa another 12 seed .Drake obviously a lot of us love those 12 seeds historically they do very well in this tournament it’s the first really big upset that people look at on each side of the brackets the 12 is beating the fives I got another one here and Drake beating Miami. Indiana, Iowa State, Xavier, Texas A&M and Texas this whole side of the bracket is one through eight for me minus Drake beating the five seed Miami in that next round. You got uh Houston and Indiana advancing I think Drake’s gonna be a one-win and done team on the bottom side 2 upsets 6 Iowa State excuse me and seven Texas A&M going up against two Texas. Texas is a big big favorite from the public for people to really come out of this out of the bracket even win the whole thing they’ve been red hot they won their conference tournament but I think Texas A&M, a little rivalry there they can out shoot them given us 1, 4, 6 and 7 in our Elite eight and then a couple more upsets. A little bit different than the other side of our bracket where we had 1 and 2 seeds in the elite eight. I’m going with 4 and 6 seeds on this side of the elite eight with Indiana and Iowa State where Indiana jumps over them, making them our second team into the final four so we got Alabama on the top left you got Indiana as a four seed on the top right.

For more on Joe’s NCAA March Madness picks and a look into the first episode of The When of Bobby V with Frank and Bobby click the link below!

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