BVSA Sports Show: Episode 22

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 22

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 22

Joe – So with that, let’s get into a little bit of baseball real quick. Let’s touch on it; it’s the one everyday thing going on right now. There is a little college baseball going on, but we’re not going to pretend like we know enough about what’s going on. The biggest thing we followed was West Virginia just because your brother goes there. Frank’s son Zack plays there. They just got bounced; they lost then won, then lost, so double elimination. Just got bounced, lost to Kentucky the other day. Sticking with Major League Baseball, do you want to go with the Yankees first? They seem to have figured it out. 

Matt – Yeah, so I mean the biggest thing was the injuries; we have it every year. We got all the big guys that hit home runs, and they always get hurt; it always seems to happen. Judge had an injury; thankfully, it wasn’t too crazy. He came back and has been insane since he’s been back. Then we had, obviously, the Stanton injury; you knew that was coming; it was bound to happen. Rather have it earlier in the year than later in the year, so not that bad. He came back, first game, hit a home run. Donaldson was out; I’m not the biggest Donaldson fan right now in the Yankees, but he came back and hit two home runs. So you could see right there, their lineup can be extremely good when they’re healthy. Pitching has been kind of up and down this year. Nestor just went on the IL, I think it’s 15 days with shoulder issues. That’s not great, but Cole’s been pretty lights out this year. Schmidt’s been up and down recently; he’s looked okay. German has actually been very good. I know we talked about the cheating thing, but he came back, and he did really well against the Dodgers. So that’s good to see. Obviously, Rodon is something that we are still waiting on. It’s kind of tough that you get him, and it’s just injury after injury, and he just hasn’t played a game. Hopefully, he’s not Frankie Montas when he comes back and actually plays, so we’ll find out. Yeah, they’ve been hot as of late. I think it was like they said they were 18-6 last month or something like that, along those lines. They were definitely coming up after being last in the division and struggling. So they are definitely on the upswing now, so we’ll see what happens. Keep getting healthy, and pitching stays consistent. Hopefully, get some bullpen guys back too, and they could be in a good spot. Not too worried. 

Joe – They’re definitely trending in the right direction. The problem being, they just play in such a tough division, arguably the best in baseball. Every team is over .500. They’re sitting 11 games over .500. If they were in the AL Central, they’d be leading. If they were in the NL Central, they’d be leading. If they were in the NL West with the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks and the Padres, they would be leading. It’s crazy just to show the level of competition they’re dealing with. As for the Mets, we’re fortunate that we don’t play in a division like you guys play in. Washington’s in the basement, Philly can’t get out of their own way. It’s crazy. We are 30 and 30, just got swept at home by Toronto, and we’re sitting five and a half games behind Atlanta. We’re now traveling to Atlanta tomorrow for three games. It could be a big swing. Obviously, two and a half to eight and a half, and a couple of things in between as well. But they’re just… I can’t put my finger on it. They’re not that banged up. Guys aren’t performing. Lindor’s getting very close to being under .200 for the year. McNeil is not putting up the average that he had last year, obviously he won the batting title so maybe doesn’t need to be that high. Alonso is putting the ball over the fence but is hitting his weight at like .235. So there really isn’t any steady production coming from anybody, 1-9. Alvarez came up, hitting home runs and providing a spark, great. Everyone’s complaining about the kids not playing and then they play and they’re not doing too well. Brett Baty, Vientos and Alvarez. So the offense isn’t clicking by any stretch. You can blame the bullpen and not having Edwin Diaz, but we can’t even get there. The starters are, specifically the big 3 are struggling. You would think Scherzer and Verlander have figured it out. Scherzer maybe a little bit starting to turn a corner. Verlander has not. Simply put, he has not. Maybe you hope he’s on the same trajectory as Scherzer, where it took him four, five, six starts to get going, but we’re 60 games in. I know it’s a 162-game season. It’s June. They are 30 and 30, and it’s coming down to almost the next piece: it’s come trade deadline time. Are they gonna be buyers and try to push and squeak into a wild card and go up against those Braves and those Dodgers and ruin more of your farm system to try to win a series or two? I don’t think they’re gonna be sellers, but they’re gonna be stuck in no man’s land if they’re at the spot they’re in right now. They are 5.5 games behind Atlanta for the division, and they’re two games out of the last wild card, chasing the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Miami Marlins. Crazy. So, I don’t know where they go. I just… I’m not one of those… you know what’s the guy’s name on Barstool, Frank the Tank, who just lives for screaming on his phone that the season’s over and blow everything up. I’m not panicking, but what I’m telling you is they are running out of time to figure out their direction for the rest of the season, and they need to figure it out sooner rather than later.

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