BVSA Sports Show: Episode 26

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 26

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 26 

Frank – Alrighty hello everybody and welcome back to the Bobby Valentine Sports show. So this week we’re going to be doing a little bit of a different type of episode because this week I was actually this past week I was actually in California with the man himself Bobby Valentine so I’m going to give you a little bit of a rundown of the past week that I was out there. I went to so from July 14th to the 21st, I went to that is eight days, an eight day span I went to seven MLB games, so pretty crazy stuff. I’m gonna break down all of those games for you and I actually was able to do an on-field interview at Angel Stadium with Bobby V and I’m going to show that to you. I haven’t watched the full thing back yet, so I’m gonna be watching it for the first time too with you guys so we’re gonna get that going. I’m gonna pull that up and then we’re gonna get into the seven games that I watched over this past week.

Alright so here’s me and Bobby on the field Angel Stadium we’ll get into it right now.

Bobby Valentine Interview:

Frank – Alright welcome back to the Bobby Valentine Sports show and we are here not in the regular studio today we’re in a different little PG we’re in Anaheim California at Angel Stadium and we’re here with the man himself Bobby Valentine. So Bobby was a 10-year professional baseball player, 23-year manager in the big leagues, two in the minor leagues, 16 years here in America and seven years in Japan. So Bobby thank you so much for taking the time to do this today.

Bobby – Right good to be with you dude let’s do it because everybody back there at BVSA wants to know what the Angels are doing because we’re playing against the Yankees right now.

Frank – Yeah alright so Angel Stadium is the fourth oldest stadium in all of baseball it’s only behind Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium. So given the long history of this field and that you played here from 1973 to 1975, how has the stadium changed at all or stayed the same now that you’re here in 2023?

Bobby – Well a lot of it stayed the same, the entire horseshoes basically the same but when Disney bought the team from Gene Archie the old singing Cowboy they put on the field the ambiance with the big scoreboard. They moved the big “A” out in the parking lot now it’s just being left there but it’s all cool you know it’s a nice stadium. It’s old but it’s friendly.

Frank – Very nice very nice, I think it gets a bad rap personally. I think for most three; Fenway, Wrigley and Dodgers Stadium, it seems the newest of all those.

Bobby – It’s you know the 60s is a long time ago and that’s when it was built so it’s probably time for a new one soon.

Frank – Alright so now that you are working for the Angels yeah and the general manager of the Angels, Perry Minasian.  So I know that you have a relationship with Perry you work with him all the time but what is your background with Perry Minasian and the Minasian family throughout the years and would you like to elaborate on that story?

Bobby – Yeah Perry was a bat boy for me matter of fact at nine years old he was a bat boy for Nolan Ryan’s sixth no-hitter. We’re in Oakland against your favorite team and Nolan Ryan was throwing a no-hitter, his dad was by clubhouse guy in 1968. His dad’s dad was a very good friend of Tommy Lasordas that’s why he had the job as the clubhouse guy in 68′ then it became a clubhouse guy in Texas for 33 years his kids grew up in baseball. Perry’s one of them, his brother Zach is a vice president with the Giants, his brother Calvin is the head of equipment for the Atlanta Braves so it’s a real baseball family. 

Frank – So pretty cool stuff there a lot of history between Bobby V and the Minasian family. Obviously he’s active Clubhouse manager and the bat boy Perry and now the GM of the Angels so pretty cool kind of a circle wrap around story coming back in the beginning so cool stuff there. So moving on to the Angels team the inevitable question that I have to ask what do you think the future holds for Shohei Ohtani. So I’m going to jump in here and pause it for the first time. I don’t know if you guys notice here but I mean obviously we’re on the field and it was about 95 degrees on the field that day and obviously Bobby’s a pretty well-known icon, pretty good pretty famous face. As more and more people were filling up the stadium more and more people were gathering around and watching what Bobby was doing right here so I’m a little nervous here if you can’t tell. But I think this is kind of funny to watch back but if you can’t tell here I’m a little nervous so let’s get into the next question here.

Bobby – Yeah greatness is in his future he’s already spectacular and he’s going to be great for many years hopefully he’s going to be great for the Angels, no telling what will happen if his agent decides that he wants to stay here obviously we’ll get a contract done in the winter time. But if the agent says in the next 10 days then he wants to go somewhere else that a trade has to be made and some lucky team will have this great services for probably the next 10 or 12 years.

Frank – And it’s going to be interesting to see what teams are willing to offer for that generational talent that he is or what teams we willing to pay for the generational talent that he is.

Bobby – They have to pay the Angels, they have to pay in players and then they have to pay him in yeah dollars or Bitcoin or something that he wants or whatever you want. 

Frank – Yeah so continuing with the Shohei Ohtani theme, so in your opinion Bobby how long do you think that Shohei will be able to keep up his dominance as both a hitter and a pitcher.

Bobby – There’s no reason to doubt anything about Shohei Ohtani, people doubted him coming in and he’s proving everyone wrong and I think he’s just that special guy. He sleeps better than anyone ever recorded you know goes into deep zen like that sits so he can recover better than anybody I’ve ever been around and he runs faster, throws faster, hits it further does the whole nine yards better than anybody else on the planet so I don’t doubt him. I think he could do it as long as he wants to and I think he wants to do it for as long as his contract stays so no one could ever duplicate what he’s doing.

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