BVSA Sports Show: Episode 5

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 5

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 5

Joe: World Series is over, we’re pretty far removed from it. Winter’s here, winter meetings, off-season moves are starting to happen. Teoscar Hernandez is the first somewhat big piece to fall, but what I want to get into, what we want to get into today is the big three: Judge, DeGrom, Verlander. Obviously, two are super relevant to being in New York, Connecticut. Let’s start with, I guess, the third of the three. Virg, I’m gonna pass it to you, Justin Verlander. 

Virg: Detroit, he goes back home to Detroit, young pitching staff, do what he did in Houston for that pitching staff. Takes a little bit of a discount off of the 3 years for $130 million that he wants to get, like Scherzer. He goes and works with Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal, Matt Manning. He’s got their pieces there that make that team really exciting. So put him back to the top of the rotation and then finish off his career at home. 

Joe: That might have been like my 10th or 12th guess of what people said. I didn’t even think that one. I forgot he played for Detroit once. But if it makes sense, in that it follows this trend of life, like I think deGrom, when we’ll get to the second about Atlanta, you have the idea of going home where he came from, where you started, things like that. So I totally just didn’t think Detroit. 

Matt: So I’m not really the baseball guy when it comes to free agency stuff. 

Joe: You’re a golf guy.

Matt: Hear me out. I think, honestly, I think because he’s won already, I actually could see the Detroit thing. But I honestly, it could just be a play where, like, he goes somewhere where he wants to live, literally, like anywhere he wants to go. 

Virg: He could live anywhere. He and Kate Upton have more money than they know what to do with.

Matt: Oh no, but I’m saying during the season, like, you’re going to be at a home place more often. Yeah, I don’t know. I’d probably say he goes to… I literally think he would go to, like, a Florida team. Like, I think it would be like the Marlins or something, out of nowhere. 

Virg: Him and Alcantara, yeah. 

Joe: See, what scares me. I was gonna say Houston, that they resigned him, and then it came out, I don’t even know who said it, that he wants Scherzer money. And now, to me, that says, who’s gonna give him a guy that gave Max Scherzer the contract? I think he’s gonna go to the Mets. I think that confirms what most of us already know, that I think DeGrom’s moving. So I’m gonna go Mets for Verlander, and let’s transition that into… 

Virg: Does that domino fall first? Does the Verlander signing with the Mets, in your mind, happen before DeGrom signs, wherever you think DeGrom signs? 

Joe: I don’t know. I think they’re one and the same. Like, if Verlander comes, that confirms 100% that DeGrom’s gone. If DeGrom leaves and he confirms that, hey, we got Verlander money to spend or Scherzer money to spend, Verlander to the Mets.

For more information about the big 3 of baseball free agency and fantasy football updates click the video below!

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