BVSA Sports Show: Episode 6

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 6

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 6

Joe: Before we get into picks and some upsets for this week, I know Virg has some thoughts on the Sean Taylor Memorial that took place on Sunday at the Washington Redskins football field.

Virg: It was an absolute disgrace and a poor effort on their third try to memorialize him. Sean Taylor is arguably one of the top three players in their history, and many people consider him their favorite player. The memorial involved placing an American from JCPenney right down the street from the field, using a wire mannequin with the wrong jersey and different sports brands on each piece of his body. It was not a statue, despite them using that word. While his family ended up being happy and were involved in the design, it was a sad and pathetic attempt by an owner who no longer cares and should sell the team. That was a disgrace.

Matt: I probably agree with you, I mean, I wouldn’t say a disgrace but I guess this was just because they had to do something and they knew that.

Virg: This was their third failed attempt at this.

Matt: I do agree having a statue just makes the most sense. It’s the best way to remember a player of that caliber for the franchise.

Virg: Pull up a picture of the Pat Tillman statue in Arizona, that’s what it should look like.

Matt: Yes, so again the statue definitely makes the most sense. Going back on what Virg said, the owner definitely didn’t put much effort into this and he just needs to get out of there. I think that is the biggest thing we learned from this. The only thing that is good from this memorial is that at least people have somewhere to go to remember Sean Taylor and what he did for this city. Joe probably has way more words on this.

Joe: I agree with everything you just said. I think the owner did a half-hearted job, that’s who he is and he gets away with whatever he wants. He’s not going to spend any more money than he has to, I get that. I think he had a Nike jersey with Adidas pants and World Cup cleats. It looks like it was totally thrown together, I get it. It wasn’t even a JC Penney mannequin because those are what, plastic? This was wire, I get it, it was thrown together. My two points to make. For one, the family loves it. Whether it was fake or genuine, I watched the video and the family loved it. We don’t matter when it comes to that. Two, I think a bigger disgrace was when last year they made a big 21 on the field and Mahomes and the Chiefs came to town. Patrick Mahomes brother, with his tik tok following, went under the rope into the area with Sean Taylor’s number and proceeded to dance on it and record it. That was a far bigger disgrace to Sean Taylor, and that was actually a nice little tribute. So this whole thing with the wire mannequin just shows that he’s probably selling the franchise, and who knows the stadium could be going soon too so maybe it’s easier for them to move. All I know in the end is that the family was happy and that is all that matters.

Virg: I agree with you that the family is most important in this situation. But, there are a lot of people who really relate to what Sean Taylor brought to their lives. The opinions of these fans both then and now do matter, just not as much as the family of course.

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