BVSA Sports Show: Episode 7

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 7

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 7

Joe: Let’s get into football in particular our fantasy football league. We’ve been doing this a long time, you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think either of us have ever seen standings like this heading into the last week of the regular season. 

Matt: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. I’ve had some close ones at the end of the year, but this is literally like there’s so many teams that can still make it. And because it’s a league where six teams make it out of ten, which is crazy, it comes down to the last week, all these tiebreakers and situations. If this guy wins, if this guy loses, it makes it interesting. That’s the fun part at the end of the year. 

Joe: So there’s so many different angles to this. The one clear-cut last place, we’re gonna call them the winner, not the loser. Our cameraman/producer/director Anthony Conte, he will be on our calendar that is set in stone. That has been a done deal. Pictures to follow. Zack Ramppen, who was in the race with Anthony pretty much the whole year. I’m pretty sure he started out 0-6. Yeah, he is 4-9 and has a shot of making the playoffs. 

Matt: He does. 

Joe: If he wins and three guys ahead of him lose, right? Long shot, but he can make the playoffs, which, to me, is the purpose of six out of ten. This is why I don’t do four out of ten that make it? The guys at the bottom, and there’s no calendar looming, who starts to lose interest, who stops paying attention, who maybe drops a guy for you in the playoffs, who maybe makes a trade for you heading into the playoffs, right? So it makes it much more interesting. I’m one of those teams, those three teams that Zack needs to hurdle. I’m in a three-way tie, 5-8. I have a chance that I can lose this week and be a 5-9 team. ESPN, that I’m learning more and more, isn’t the greatest fantasy football site to use. But the way it works basically is that me, Virg, and Joey, two other coaches here, we are in a three-way tie. And if it stays a three-way tie, it goes by points for, which I’m the clear-cut winner. However, if one of them falls off, now it’s a two-way tie, and I’m out. So much chaos going on at the bottom, so much chaos going on at the top. Five teams fighting for seeds one through five. Top two get a bye. I think you’re sitting in the one seed right now, two seed right now. 

Matt: Yeah, so it’s kind of weird. But you look at the projections, and it’ll show a different one than the actual bracket. But in the actual bracket, yeah, it shows that I’m still the one seed. So right now I still have a bye thankfully. Ever since we talked about that 9-1 record, I lost three straight since we talked about that on the show. Not really feeling that. Literally, the first time I was on it and I have lost every week since that show. 

Joe: So I think another loss this week. Okay, fine. If you lose in your first playoff matchup, whether that’s with a bye or without a bye, I don’t think you ever step foot on the show again. 

Matt: It would hurt. 

Joe: It would be pretty bad. So plenty to follow, we’ll have updated standings, playoff matchups, you know, the majority of us, except for I think two out of the eight of this league, they’re in the building. We’ll make sure to maybe get them on the show, a little budding heads, maybe some friendly wagers, see who’s going where. And then we’ll get those pictures and the date and time and where to purchase the Anthony Conte Bitcoin socks featured calendar that I have never been more excited for. You are the perfect winner. It would be perfect. I don’t care. 

Anthony: I’m not sure if I can take that as a compliment or not.

Joe: You’re gonna love it deep down and you’re gonna do the best job that any of us could do. Everyone has a level of awkwardness to us or whatever it is. You’re just gonna… Yeah, I can’t wait. 

For more information about MLB free agency and fantasy football click the link below for the full video!

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