BVSA Sports Show: Episode 8

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 8

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 8

Joe: Last game, I feel like I owe the Ramppen family this one. We talked last week about the Raiders, and I said it time and time again, I put my hands up and I said I am not saying the Rams are gonna win this game against the Raiders on Thursday night. It ended up happening. Baker Mayfield marched down 98 yards. Frank, Zack, Frankie, Michelle, the whole family, I’m sorry I put that in the universe as a… um… to show my appreciation for this Raiders team. Raiders at home against the Patriots. We just saw on Monday night beat the Kyler Murray-less Arizona Cardinals. I’m gonna go Raiders. I believe it’s a pick ’em. So, I’m gonna go Raiders. They win this game, they keep their playoff hopes alive. Ramppen family in attendance. I’m gonna go 24-16. 

Matt. It would be a nasty score like that. 

Joe: The Raiders get it done at home and keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

Matt: So obviously, I’m a Patriots fan, and I’m not really scared about the Raiders, um, just because I know they’re gonna throw the game somehow, usually. But, Rhamondre went down, and they had the two backup running backs. I think they’re both rookies, actually. They looked pretty good, though. So I think if the Patriots get the running game going, the Raiders’ defense is not great against the run, we know that. Um, if they get their running game going, I think they’ll win that game. It’s gonna be a close, like, defensive, weird game because the Patriots’ defense is great. But again, Davante Adams is like a different animal. Josh Jacobs is a different animal. Um, I think it’ll be close, though. Obviously, I’m gonna take the Patriots just because I’m a Patriots fan. I’m gonna be biased in that one. Um, but I think it’ll be a good game to watch. I will definitely be watching that one for sure.

Joe: Yeah, home stretch, four weeks left. Like we said fantasy playoff implications. Live updates next week. This is the home stretch. This is it we’re getting into the thick of it. Playoffs right around the corner. That does it for episode eight. I think episode nine tomorrow will be the JA Elite guys talking a little World Cup. Second semi-final game today, final on Sunday. Make sure to tune in and catch that. Otherwise, we’ll be back next week. Sounds good. Later.

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