BVSA Sports Show: Episode 9

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 9

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 9

Joe: Guys are here, take it away, we can start with Sunday, Argentina vs. France. I think Argentina, the Messi story, France has the back-to-back possibility, first time ever that would happen. So feel free to take it away for Sunday’s game, Argentina and France.

Jhonny: I think Argentina. For me, I’m a fan of this game, I love this game, I’ve played this game my whole life. I think being able to see Messi lift the World Cup would be incredible. You know, but you have a few incredible challenges. I think Mbappe is an upcoming, I mean he’s been doing it the last few years, he’s already won a World Cup, he’s only 23 years old. So it’s going to be a tough game, but my prediction, Argentina 2-1. 

Juan: I think Argentina too, more as a fan I want Argentina to take it and I’m from South America, so we push a little more for our side, so we gotta take it. But I think the best thing and looking at the World Cup before it started, I wanted Argentina vs. France because I think it’s the generational change of Messi being the old guard, the best of the world, and Mbappe is the new upcoming, potentially the best in the world. So it’s good to see that clash, you know, old guard and the new, who’s going to take it off? To me, it’s going to be an amazing day for the game across the entire world, I think everybody’s expecting a big game, hopefully. Hopefully, it’s a record final, so this is what kind of game you see. I heard on the radios that for something like half of the world might be watching.

Jhonny: Yeah, I would not be surprised, that would be huge. I mean, listen, whatever happens on Sunday, whether it’s Mbappe winning his second World Cup at a young age, at 23 years old, or the French coach winning the World Cup as a player and now as a manager once again. 

Anthony: Has that been done before? 

Jhonny: No, I don’t think so. And as for the youngest to win two world cups, I think if I recall correctly, I think Pele has that because he was very young, yeah. So you know, it’s an exciting thing for France, 100 percent. Me personally, Messi is special, man, he’s been so special for the game, his impact on the game and so many generations over the last… years that I would love for him to be one lifting it. And almost, we all know this is it, it’s the end of his career, like battling, getting to these things, and unfortunately, he has failed. You know, they’ve lost a lot of finals, they’ve lost the World Cup final twice, so Messi’s been in the finals and lost. He was in a Copa America last time, lost in the final, so they’ve got to have a trophy under the belt and hopefully that can clear them up. But listen again, this is the game for soccer and we saw a bunch of upsets in the World Cup, so you never know.

Anthony: Is Messi coming out and saying this is it, he’s done? 

Juan: No, I don’t think so. I think he might push for one more. 

Jhonny: No, no, I think he’s kind of a leaning towards being done. You know, his age is natural, he’s all banged up right, he’s holding his hamstring, yeah. You never know, I saw it too in the game, at all. 10 seconds later, he’s fine. He’s smart, he’s the smartest player in the world. There have been talks about the walking right, while he’s on the field, that’s finding the right moments to push his energy. So smart, these guys are phenomenal players that have done this for so long and time when they run when they don’t need to run, to chase, when they hurry, yes, you don’t know what’s coming, yeah.

Juan: There’s a great fairy tale ending though, you see Messi winning it, he’s all comfortable and then the whole argument about Ronaldo vs. Messi, Messi puts the world in his hand. I think this will probably solidify Messi at the top, he’s already at the top but he will be… where nobody is.

For more information about the World Cup click the link below for the full video!

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