Carrington Beckford

Carrington Beckford BPSL 1&2, ACE, CPR/AED

Carrington Beckford is a former collegiate football player at Northern Michigan University and East Stroudsburg University. He was on track to play in the NFL when he suffered a series of career ending injuries his senior year. Carrington started his career off the field by taking a position for Division II future hall of famer Denny Douds at East Stroudsburg University working long side Jimmy Terwilliger. Carrington then started off his Strength and Conditioning career by studying/mentored under Dustin Brancheau, Pete Bommarito and Seth Forman. Carrington started his Strength and Conditioning career at Pleasant Valley H.S in Pennsylvania, before he took on the role as being the head strength coach at the Pocono Dome in PA. Carrington traveled around the country with Rivals.com to coach some of the top high school athletes in the country. Carrington worked along side with Seth Forman at Advanced Athletic Development before he decided to start his own establishment with his partner Renick Jeune at Overdrive Elite Performance Systems located in Stamford, CT.  

Carrington’s Coaching Philosophy is emphasizing technical efficiency and intensity for movement and weight room exercises. Carrington is knowledgeable in the following training methods: Linear, Lateral, and Multi-direction movement development, General Fitness Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Work Capacity Training, Periodization of Strength(Anatomical Adaptation, Hypertrophy, Strength, Power, Power Endurance, Muscular Endurance). 

Carrington has trained over 150 division 1 and 2 athletes in all sports such as football, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, soccer, rowing, squash and volleyball. Players such as Tim Wilson East Stroudsburg University/Philadelphia Eagles, Cornelius Johnson Michigan, Charlotte Harmon U of Florida, Eva Greco Duke, Travis Hind Temple, Donavon McDonald at Nebraska University, Abby Wolf Northwestern University, Changa Hodge Villanova University, Omar Fortt University of Connecticut, Zee Robinson University of Albany, Jack Doty Brown University, Jack Iuliano University of Pennsylvania to name a few. 

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