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Welcome to the BVSA HitTrax Certification.  If you have gotten this far we hope you truly understand how excited we are to pass along these hitting philosophy’s.  Years spent listening to Bobby’s message and passing it on to the next generation of athletes has been priceless.  The countless baseball and softball players who come back season after season is a testament to our training results.  

The BVSA HitTrax Certification is a culmination of years of experience of some of the top baseball minds in the game working with professional and youth athletes.  Watching how the concepts of physics can help athletes reach new levels of success if the best part of what we do.   

HitTrax is our high-tech dual featured system that provides advanced analytical metrics and video that many college coaches use everyday. With instantaneous feedback, HitTrax is a powerful tool that can propel your athlete’s game to the Next Level. 

Once you are certified, you will have the confidence to help your athletes succeed using the HitTrax system!!  We are excited for you to be able to feel that success with them!!

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