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Elevate Your Golf Game

Our Training will Consist of 3+1 mesocycles of both strength and power development. This occurs in the weight room, focusing on methodologies of triphasic, conjugate, and periodization training. Our training focuses on injury prevention, mobility and flexibility, as well as gaining strength to develop power. This is done through a variety of different means including central nervous activation and coordination drills, strength training, mobility exercises, and plyometrics. 

By focusing on these areas of performance our athletes will not only be crushing the ball down the links but also have the ability to move better functionally off the course. With our coaching staff’s expertise and attention to detail, we will hold all our athletes accountable to elevate their performance on the course.

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Bobby Valentine's Training Lab

Elevated Performance Through Science

At the BVT Lab, our scientifically driven programs are formulated to help athletes and adult fitness clients perform beyond their maximum potential. 

Sport-Specific Performance Training for the Whole Family

Come check out the various training opportunities at BVSA. We have a proven curriculum that our Baseball and Softball Instructors train with. We have also partnered with top local organizations for Soccer, Lacrosse, Performance Training, and College Recruiting.

BVT's Pillars of Excellence


Our instructors are trained to help inform athletes on keneisology and how to move energy efficiently through their athletic movements.



After we inform our athletes, we need to instruct them on the various ways to actually acieve those athletic moves we informed them on.



Once we have informed and instructed, all of our coaches inspire their athletes through their passion and dedication to building relationships with each athlete.


Performance Through Science

BVSA and BVT coaches pride ourselves on being able to help all of our athletes maximize their abilities by learning how to efficiently transfer energy from the ground through their bodies to produce force.