Learning, growing, competing & enjoying the process are all part of the recipe for success.  BVSA Fury offer programs throughout the year that reflect our attitude toward improvement.  Each team has two professional coaches at every event.  Our players graduate from our program prepared to succeed on and off the field.  We are proud of how many great student athletes have come through the program.  It has been a pleasure seeing things come full circle and having alumni coming back to coach in the program.  We are looking forward to continuing building on our success in helping as many athletes as possible, continue to achieve their goals.


Roving Coaches

We will be adding roving coaches for position specific purposes.  Top BVSA instructors will be popping in throughout workouts in and out of season.  Frank, JT, Tim, Anthony, Mike and others are excited to kick this off!

BVT Training Lab

The BV Training Lab is providing athletic and fitness training programs for all of our teams.

Evolution Physical Therapy

EPT will now be providing the option for injury prevention, rehab and recovery services for all of our teams.

Free Cage Membership

Free in season cage membership so our players can get as many reps as they want!