The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 17

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 17

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 17

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show, another episode of the NFL season NFL recap and we’re going to dive into week four of the NFL season now and like I said last week already here one quarter of the way through the NFL season, four weeks down. I guess now it’s not 16 weeks, there’s 17 games for each team, but that’s not an even number so we’re pretty much still a quarter of the way through the season with that extra game at the end so I guess that’s good but still flying by like football season does every single year and we’ll start it off with our weekly recap and some history was made this week during the NFL season.

Christian McCaffrey broke the San Francisco 49er franchise record that was held by Jerry Rice for the most consecutive games with a touchdown scored, 13 games in a row including the postseason. So, 13 games in a row with a touchdown for Christian McCaffrey as a San Francisco 49er breaks the all-time franchise record by the goat Jerry Rice, and he had four total touchdowns in this game. 45 fantasy performance from Christian McCaffrey, he’s unbelievable and whenever this guy is healthy, he’s the best running back in football. It’s unbelievable, unbelievable. Another little bit of history happened between the Indianapolis Colts and the Los Angeles Rams; we’ll talk about the game a little bit more as we go on, but Puka Nacua, the rookie wide receiver, fourth career game, just broke the record for the most reception in a player’s first four career games. 39 in those four games, he had his first catch, he had tied it already through three, he got 31 immediately, and he had nine catches in the game. Nine catches, I believe he had 150 yards, and we’ll talk about him more, but he passed Anquan Boldin had this record before with 30, 30 catches in a game or in his first four games. Puka Nacua, 39 catches in his first four career games, new NFL record.

And something else, sure, I’m not too happy about, as you see all my Raider stuff, you know Khalil Mack, the former Raider on the Los Angeles Chargers now playing against my Raiders, had a six-sack game. Six-sack game, yeah, you heard that correctly, tied for the second most sacks in a game in the history of the NFL and it broke the franchise record for the Los Angeles Chargers. Too much baseball on my head right now, but K Mack absolutely terrorized this yesterday, it was not very fun and we’ll move on to the last thing.

So, three unbelievable performances by three, I mean one breakout star and two stars that have already been in this league for a while, you know who they are. We’ll move into the last segment, the play of the day. So, I mentioned it a little bit before the Colts and the Rams, they had a very, very crazy game going on. KY Williams scored two touchdowns before I could even blink; it felt like that happened in the first two minutes of the game. The Colts ended up going down, the Rams went up 23 to nothing, 23 to nothing in favor of the Los Angeles Rams. And this was the first week back off of the concussion from Anthony Richardson who had played pretty well in his first two games, been good rushing the football; he scored two rushing touchdowns in both of his games and now he returns here but he’s down 23 to nothing. He showed a lot of heart as he never gave up, was able to complete a long touchdown pass to Mo Cox, they went for two, I believe he was able to throw another one and then he ran for one and then he threw another one with a minute and 45 seconds left, then completed the two-point conversion to tie the game with under two minutes to go in the game. Unbelievable comeback from Anthony Richardson; it was very close to being our game of the week, but you’ll see it was next and neck between these two games. The next one I ended up edging out just by a little and you’ll see why.

But 23 nothing for the Rams, Anthony Richardson in the Colts storm all the way back to tie the game up at 23 to send the game into overtime. In overtime, the Rams get the ball, and they’re driving into Indianapolis territory, getting just outside the red zone to the 22-yard line, a third and four play here. Stafford’s in the gun, biggest play of the game, looks over the middle, finds, guess who, Puka Nikua, who splits two defenders and dives into the end zone for the walk-off touchdown to give the Los Angeles Rams a 29-26, or 29 to 23 victory, excuse me, over the Indianapolis Colts. Even though they almost blew a 23-point lead, unbelievable play by Puka Nikua and Matt Stafford to end the game and to spoil the comeback that was almost so amazing by Anthony Richardson; it would have been a signature win for him. But Puka Nikua doing what he does, nine receptions, over 150 yards, and a touchdown yet again because he’s just been absurd. Puka Nikua, remember the name because he looks like he’s here to stay. And I mean sure, Cooper Kupp might be coming back; what are they going to do when there’s both of them? They’re both dudes that are getting 10 receptions a game, they’re open all the time. Like I mean, either one of them is only going to be good or defenses are going to have a lot of issues. So, see be interesting to see as Cooper Kupp could return as early as next week.

And so here’s the reason why that Colts, Rams game was not the game of the week; here we’ll move into the actual game of the week, in my opinion, the Commanders at Eagles.

For more about the NFL and how it’s looking through 4 weeks click the video below!

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