The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 18

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 18

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 18

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and we’re going to get into another week of the NFL season. So week five has now been here, come and gone, and we’re going to get into the crazy things that we saw over this weekend, with one more game to go tonight. But before I get into that, you might be noticing I’m wearing a football jersey today, special Jersey for the special day that it is today, October 9th, Monday, October 9th, the first Monday Night Football game of the season for the Las Vegas Raiders, the Oakland Raiders in my heart still, but we are playing the Green Bay Packers tonight. So, special occasion, my favorite Raider of all time, Charles Woodson, went into the Hall of Fame as a Raider, just to let you know that’s a fact. Had to bring the Jersey out today because obviously he played for both the Raiders and the Packers, but had to bring out the boy Charles Woodson, my favorite Raider of all time, had to touch one on that. 

So hopefully, he’s there today; I hope he lights the torch tonight, he should, why would he not? But we’ll find out. I’ll check back in after that game tonight, but we’ll go into our weekly recap of week five, and it was a pretty interesting week, but I mean this was the first week in the NFL with buys, and to be honest, it felt weird for me. I felt it; it was pretty weird. It felt like there wasn’t as many games, obviously there wasn’t as many games, only had a 12-game slate on Sunday, and it felt like it. I don’t know if that was just me or I don’t know what do you guys think about that, but I felt like kind of a slow day. The 1:00 window only had six games, and then there were four at 4 o’clock, so it was kind of a weird day, and I mean honestly, a lot of the games were not amazing finishes but still, you know great Sunday of football and gotta love sitting there watching seven hours of commercial-free football every Sunday just sitting there baking it in. But we’re going to get into our play of the day, and if you didn’t see this, this came from one of the two I had to pick between two games of the week here; this is the one I actually didn’t choose but kind of went into why I picked this play here. But in the Atlanta Falcons/Houston Texans game in Atlanta, the game ended up being a pretty solid affair; we’ll talk about that in a little bit. Went down to the wire, but early on in the fourth quarter, we’re going to pick it up here at a second and goal for Atlanta. Desmond Ridder is going to take the snap out of the shotgun, and he’s going to feel a little pressure; he’s going to shovel one to Bejan Robinson. You can’t even really tell, and on first glance, this is just like a nice play by the quarterback, quickly getting rid of it because the pocket’s collapsing, flips it up to Bejan, who just walks in for a touchdown. But you’re going to see the replay here, Ritter flips it up to him, and Bijan just one-handed catches it, pins it to his lower back kind of, but wasn’t even looking; he’s looking at the people coming at him. He’s just putting it on his butt as he’s looking at guys to try to juke him out. Like Bijan Robinson has been extremely explosive in his first four games, and that was a very impressive play to watch in week five. Didn’t miss a beat for him; he played really well; he just makes insanely fast jukes. It doesn’t look like he has to slow down his body at all when he’s making a move, making a cut, changing speeds, anything; he’s just everything looks so quick twitch. It’s crazy. Bijan Robinson has been unbelievable for the Atlanta Falcons this year, and that is our play of the day, the no-look butt catch, I guess you could call it that. 

Then we’ll move into the game of the week segment, so like I said, this was kind of a weird week for the NFL only 12 games on the NFL Sunday, 13 in total or 14 in total, excuse me, because of Thursday night, Monday night. This game that I was just talking about Atlanta and Houston that was arguably the game of the week because that went down to the wire. Young Who young way coup had to make a game-winning field goal As Time expired; we’ll talk about that a little bit later because Desmond Ritter looked pretty impressive on that last-minute drive. But this game that I did pick for the game of the week was Ravens at Steelers, and it was just your typical AFC North slugfest, just defense.

For more NFL updates from the past week click the video below!

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