The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 20

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 20

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 20

Hello everybody, welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and week six of the NFL season has come and gone. We’re going to dive into another NFL weekly recap, discuss the Game of the Week, and then go into a standings update. The standings are becoming more important as we’re almost halfway through the season. Unlike baseball, football is more of a sprint than a marathon.

As of week six, there are no more unbeaten teams in the NFL. The 1972 Miami Dolphins team is popping champagne, remaining the only undefeated team to ever win the Super Bowl. The 49ers lost to the Browns, and we’ll delve into that game later. The Eagles also lost to the Jets, led by Zach Wilson, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at MetLife Stadium. The Jets’ defense played exceptionally well, contributing to their victory.

The game between the Eagles and Jets featured a slow start, with a defensive battle reminiscent of the theme for the week. The Browns and Jets, in their respective games against the unbeaten teams, showcased remarkable defense, leading to their victories. Jalen Hurts had a challenging day, throwing a career-high three interceptions. The Eagles had a chance in the last minutes, but the Jets’ defense secured the win.

The NFL’s week was somewhat peculiar, with unusual game timings, including a London game for the third consecutive week. Tampa Bay wore impressive cream school jerseys, though their performance didn’t match the aesthetics. Moving on to the play of the day, let’s highlight the Cleveland Browns vs. San Francisco 49ers game.

In the third quarter, with San Francisco leading by three (10-7), Browns quarterback PJ Walker made a remarkable play. On a third and seven, he surveyed the field and launched a deep pass to Amari Cooper, who made an unbelievable leaping catch, effectively mossing two defenders at once. The play stood out as our play of the day for NFL week six.

For more from week 6 of the NFL season and standings updates click the video below!

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