The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 27

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 27

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 27

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and let’s get into another week of the NFL season. As you can see back home for the first time in the NFL Raiders Studio back in Connecticut. And isn’t it beautiful? All the Raider stuff, all the new stuff. Beautiful stuff, and just got my Thanksgiving haircut, so getting ready to go. Perfect day for a new podcast of week 11 of the NFL season. Too bad the Raiders didn’t follow through yesterday like everyone hoped. You know, I know everyone was begging for them to win. And let me know what you think of the new setup. I’m excited about it. We got Howie Tim Brown, Marcus Josh Jacobs. We got the Coliseum, even though we’re leaving there. And we got all the Legends over here. We got Willie Hoy, Ted Hendrick, Willie Brown, or um, Cliff Branch, Jim Otto, Fred Biletnikoff, Ken Stabler, Daryl Lamonica, and the man Lester Hayes. All the boys everywhere. Pretty cool setup we got going on here. So excited to get into the week 11 episode of the NFL podcast. So let’s dive right into that.

This was the last week of games before the Thanksgiving break. So this is the week of Thanksgiving. I’m recording this on the Monday before Thanksgiving. One more game before Thursday, three games on the Thanksgiving holiday, game on Black Friday this week, which will be pretty fun to watch. And in my opinion, there’s a Black Friday NFL game for the first time in the history of the NFL, right? Why wouldn’t you put it as the Raiders, the black team? I don’t know the silver and black, Black Friday. I feel like that makes sense. I’ve been watching the ads for the commercials all the time, and it’s Jets Dolphins, two bright colors. And they’re editing the commercials so the teams are black and white. You wouldn’t have had to edit the teams if it was just the Raiders or like the Raiders and the Steelers. Black Friday, I don’t know. That makes more sense to me than the Dolphins and the Jets. I understand they were trying to go for a divisional powerhouse matchup with Aaron Rogers, hopefully playing, but that changed real quick this season. And now we got Zack Wilson playing on Black Friday, the first-ever Black Friday game in the history of the NFL. So nice. But that’s besides the point. Like I said, this is the last week before Thanksgiving, NFL week 11. Let’s get into it.

And our play of the day, oh boy, let’s go with this right now. So this came from the Dallas Cowboy Carolina Panther game in Carolina. This was in the fourth quarter, I believe. Yeah, fourth quarter here with about 13, about 14 minutes to go, 24 to 10 lead for Dallas. Bryce Young’s going to fake a handoff, drop back in the pocket, look right, and drop one over. Who gets picked off by Daron Bland, diving interception laid out in front of the route, jumped it. What a play by him. He pops up and runs it in for a touchdown, the fourth pick-six of the season for Daron Bland, tying an NFL record for interceptions returned for touchdown in a single season. And it’s only week 11. Look at that play. Jumps the route, lays out to pick it off, quick little spin barrel roll, pops right back up to his feet, runs it in for a touchdown untouched. Unbelievable play there for Daron Bland, fourth interception returned for a touchdown of the season, ties the NFL record. Pretty crazy stuff going on.

So he’s got a chance, he’s got six more games to tie this record. Pretty crazy stuff there for Daron Bland, unbelievable start this year, unbelievable. He picked up that slack that Trayvon Diggs lost because Trayvon Diggs, as we know, he tore his ACL very early in the season. That was a huge blow for this Dallas defense. But they haven’t missed a beat. They’ve been unbelievable all year long. Their defensive line has been unbelievable. Michael Parsons has been unbelievable, and Daron Bland has been unbelievable, as you can see, four pick-sixes on the season, tying an NFL record. Unbelievable stuff from him.

For more from week 11 of the NFL and upcoming Thanksgiving games click the video below!

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