The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 29

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 29

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 29

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show episode 29 and week 13 of the NFL season. Let’s jump right into it with our weekly recap of the NFL season week 13. This week was a great week for football and a great week for Sports in general as college football bowl weekend just ended, college basketball is now in full swing, and a bunch of great matchups going on each and every night. The NFL season is getting down to the very end, so a very great week for sports, great week for the NFL and college football as a whole.

We’ll start with our play of the day. There were a bunch of good games this week, a tough task for me to pick the game of the week. Not very easy, didn’t really know what to go with. There were three or four options here honestly, and all three of the four options were Prime Time football games. Thursday night Onre game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday night another great game in Lambo field between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and then last night Monday night another great game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals in Jacksonville. Three great games and then another overtime game on Sunday as well, so a great week for football. Tough for me to choose the game of the day or game of the week, but we’ll see what I choose.

One of those options was this Packers Chiefs game that I touched on. Unbelievable game by Jordan Love. He has looked very, very good over the course of the last four to five weeks. Okay, week one against the Bears he looked really, really good but that defense that team has not been great so far this season so that can maybe be a little bit of an outlier and after that, he went through a little bit of a struggle for him. But this is really his first time ever playing as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers so maybe a little bit of growing pains there. In the past five/six weeks, he’s been unbelievable but we’ll jump into it here third quarter about five and a half minutes to go here fourth and one going in at the Kansas City 45 yd line. So Jordan Love takes the snap looks left and he makes one of those Aaron Rodgers throws off his back foot and it just drops right into Romeo Doubs lap in between three defenders just drops it right in the bucket between all those guys. Great throw from Jordan Love looked like prime Aaron Rodgers there two plays later second and 11 Love drops back again throws one to the right side of the end zone to Christian Watson who climbs the ladder and makes an unbelievable catch. How did that ball fit into that spot I have no idea, couldn’t have been placed any better. Christian Watson went up to K and the defender’s hand the ball went literally inches above his hand. Unbelievable throws from Jordan Love two in a row on a great drive to extend the lead to 21 to 12 against the Chiefs where they ended up able to come away with a victory on Sunday night football against Patrick Mahomes and the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. So Jordan Love looking a little bit like Aaron Rodgers making those crazy throws where he’s kind of off his back foot like jumping two in a row there on that drive very impressive stuff from him I was not expecting that to be honest and I was very impressed by Jordan love.

Okay, so that was our play of the day. That’s our weekly recap we’re going to jump into the game of the week now and like I said this was a tough task for me that Chiefs Packers game was an option, the Cowboys Seahawks game was an option, and the Colts Titans game was an option but ultimately I decided to go with the Monday Night Football Clash last night from the Jaguars and the Bengals in Jacksonville. Overtime Affair, the first Prime Time overtime game of the season first one in a while I don’t even know when the last one was but pretty entertaining stuff.

For more from this game of the week and a full weekly recap click the video below!

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