The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 30

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 30

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 30

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host as always, Frank Ramppen, and let’s dive right into another week of the NFL season. Week 14 just wrapped up today, it’s Tuesday, December 12th or something like that—whatever, who cares. Episode 30 of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show, week 14 just wrapped up, and a lot of crazy outcomes this week. Couple great games, a lot of great finishes, and one not so great finish. Sure, you could guess what that one was. I don’t know, tight races at the top of both leagues. A lot of things are getting tight at the top of both the AFC and the NFC. Teams are moving around, a team has finally clinched a playoff birth, and a little bit of history was made in both positive ways and negative ways this week in the NFL. We’ll get into it after this, but first, like we always do, we’ll start off with our play of the day.

This is going to take us to Los Angeles in the Denver Broncos versus Los Angeles Chargers game. I was watching the Raiders during this time, sadly, as you guys, some if you know, you know. Probably the worst game in the history of the Raiders franchise, but we’ll get into that later. So, I saw this play on Red Zone and I caught it halfway through, and I thought, “Was this a Hail Mary based on what happens?” But I’ll show you, right? Russell Wilson from his own 45-yard line just bounced around in the pocket. This is where I pick up. I’m like, “Is this a Hail Mary? There’s no pass rush, what’s going on?” Look at the clock. There’s five minutes left in the third quarter. He airs one out deep down the field and caught by Courland Sutton. What a play! Flag comes in late, so an and one there for Courin Sutton with the foul. If you see the replay from the backline, one-handed catch as the defender’s draped all over him. What a play by Courin Sutton to fend off the defender with his back and his body and make a one-handed catch, just pin that ball up against his chest. Also, an unbelievable throw from Russell Wilson. They win again, they look good, sadly because, you know, I’m a Raiders fan, obviously. But great play, Russ, to Stutton, basically a Hail Mary, and honestly, that play was really crazy.

Now we’re going to jump into our game of the week segment. And this game was unbelievable. Rain-covered field, soaking wet. Baltimore Rams at Ravens. Wild game, arguably the game of the year. I feel like I say that all the time now, but this one had a very, very wild inning. We’ll jump right into it. Starts off early with a Lucas Havick field goal from short distance for the Rams. M Mason Crosby actually was just brought on by the Rams, I think to the practice squad, so I guess he was there, but he didn’t kick. Lucas Havick kicked for them, and that proved to do well. So, 3 nothing for them early on, but first our second drive of the game for the Ravens. First and 10 from their own 46-yard line. Lamar Jackson looks deep left down the left sideline. Wide open is Isaiah Likely who takes it in for the first score of the game. First touchdown of the game, excuse me, 7 to 3 Ravens on top. Couldn’t be more wide open there from Isaiah Likely. Lamar making plays early on here.

Next Rams possession, third and goal here with about 12 minutes left in the second quarter. Stafford with a blitz coming, throws off his back foot lollipop to the corner of the end zone right into the waiting arms of Cooper Cup. Unbelievable throw there. If you see how early Stafford let that ball go, Cooper Cup wasn’t even out of his break when Stafford let that ball out. Dropped it right in the breadbasket. Unbelievable throw from Stafford, looking like himself back in his Detroit days and when he won the Super Bowl a couple of years back. So Ravens get the ball back down 10 to 7, move the ball into Ram territory from the Ram 44-yard line. Lamar Jackson on First and 10, he’s going to step up to line, call an audible, take the snap, survey the field, move around in the pocket a little bit. He’s going to fire one deep down the left sideline. Odell Beckham Jr.’s there to make the adjustment and make the catch sliding into the end zone. Touchdown Odell. He’s been a lot better recently over the recent weeks. He has been much more of a contributor for this Ravens offense, and that is huge for them.

So Rams get the ball back, move the ball down on a big Cooper Cup play. And on a second and goal from the seven-yard line, a screen pass to Davis Allen works his way over to the right side and forces his way into the end zone for his first career touchdown. So, first career touchdown from Davis Allen puts the Rams back on top 17 to 4 to respond to the Odell Beckham Jr. catch. Rams get the ball back, drive down, leads to another Lucas Havick made field goal. Makes it 20 to 14 Rams. So Ravens get the ball back just before the end of the half, drive down into field goal range for arguably the greatest kicker of all time, Justin Tucker. He nails one through from 46 to make it a 20-17 ball game. So both kickers trade off field goals to end the half. At the half, we are at 20 to 17 with the Rams on top.

For more from the Rams vs. Ravens game and week 14 of the NFL click the video below!

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