The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 31

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 31

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 31

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host, Frank Ramppen, and let’s get into another week of the NFL season. Week 15 has come and gone; this is episode 31 of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. Let’s dive right into our weekly recap of week 15.

So eventful week in the NFL. This week started on Thursday, started with a historic Thursday night for the Las Vegas Raiders – most points ever scored in the history of the franchise, 63 points. Eight different players scored a touchdown, the first time a team has done that since 1950. But we’ll get into that, all the stats, all the good stuff about that in a second.

But what a week for the NFL season – couple teams clinched the playoff spot, and a couple teams have been eliminated from the playoffs. We’ll get into those when we get into our standings update. But the playoff picture is starting to shape a little bit, with a lot of questions in both the AFC and the NFC with three weeks remaining in the season.

Seventeen teams this year have had multiple quarterbacks start a game for them – 17 of the 32 teams in the NFL have had multiple quarterbacks start a game for them. That’s an unheard-of number. Fifty-five different quarterbacks have started a game this season. That’s the most ever. Actually, excuse me, 55 different starting quarterbacks have started a game this season. The most ever in a single season is 68, which was last year, excluding the strike season in 1987. But that doesn’t count. 68 last season; we’re well on pace to break that. That’s crazy, two years in a row looks like we’re going to break the record for the most quarterbacks to start a game in the NFL.

And after last night’s surprising upset, the Seattle Seahawks taking down the Philadelphia Eagles, handing the Eagles their third consecutive loss, giving the Seahawks some life going into the last three weeks of the season. Seven consecutive underdogs have come away with a victory on Monday Night Football. That’s pretty impressive – seven in a row, the longest streak in the history of Monday Night Football. Unreal.

And to wrap up our weekly recap, let’s go with our – I don’t know why I always say this – it’s week 15, probably taken me too long to do this, but surprised that no one said anything to me about this – call this the play of the day. Why, if it’s the play of the day, I should have one every single day? It’s the play of the week. I’m Jones – I don’t know why I had it called play of the day, so we’re changing it, play of the week.

If you know what I’m talking about, if you watched – I mean, maybe some people turned this game off by then. I didn’t. I know I didn’t. Greatest game in the history of the Las Vegas Raiders – Oakland Raiders, LA Raiders, Oakland again – who cares? Unreal. So, four days after the Raiders play the worst game in their history, they dropped 63 points on the Chargers. And I’m sure you know where I’m going here. Picked this up in the fourth quarter, first minute of the fourth quarter – 56-7 Raiders, 56-7. The last play of the third quarter was a scooping score fumbled by – or strip-sack by Marcus Council – and then picked up by John Jenkins, ran it like 50 yards to the house with a convoy from Max Crosby.

Two plays later, second play of the fourth quarter, second and 13 – Easton Stick is going to call Austin Ekeler in motion. Jack Jones, like he was in the Huddle, jumps the route, makes a ridiculous one-handed interception – just pick-six, walk-in touchdown. 63 points for the Raiders – 63 points. Are you kidding me? Look at Mark Davis in the booth; he has no idea what’s going on. He’s never seen a thing like this. It was like Jack Jones literally was in the Huddle. Kirk Herre said it on the broadcast – it was like he knew it was coming before the offense was; he reacted before any person on offense had a chance to block him. It was like, “Oh, this is going to be a screen to Ekeler. I’m going to get it.” Busted right through the two blocks. Look at this – look at this. He’s just creeping in with eer. He takes a peek in the backfield and just busts right through the two receivers trying to block him, right to him. Look at this catch – I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interception like this. Are you kidding me? Just tucked away, touchdown Raiders. Second defensive touchdown in three plays for the Raiders’ defense – 63 points, the most in the franchise’s history. First time ever scoring 60 points as a franchise. What a day Thursday was, but probably never see it again. That was our play of the week.

For more from week 15 of the NFL season and some surprises going into the last few weeks click the video below!


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