The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 32

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 32

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 32

Hello everybody and welcome back to The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and let’s dive into week 16 of the NFL season. I know week 16, unbelievable, we’re already after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you, hope you had a great Christmas with your family, happy holiday season. Hope everyone had a great day with family and friends but let’s get into week 16 of the NFL season. Episode 32 of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show and let’s get right into our weekly recap.

So Christmas week in the NFL, Merry Christmas to all um and 24 teams are still alive for playoff contention tied for the most with two weeks left in the season since 2004. 24 of the 32 teams still alive and my Raiders big win on Christmas day yesterday one of those 24 but tied for the most with two weeks left since 2004, pretty crazy. And after last night in our Super Bowl rematch or Super Bowl rematch actually it was a Super Bowl rematch between uh the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers from when the lights went off 2012 but a Super Bowl hopeful possibility uh future match up that we might see in February but the Baltimore Ravens were able to go to Santa Claira and take down the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 33 to 19 and that makes it eight consecutive times on Monday Night Football where the underdog takes the win, the longest streak in Monday night football history continues. I mentioned that last podcast it just continues this week as the Ravens go into Santa Clara and come out with a resounding win, statement win for them.

And we’re going into our play of the week and we got a little bit of a double play of the week here but some NFL history in the making unreal scenes from Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium unbelievable stuff like let’s just jump right into it and I already said it the Raiders came up with a big win keeping themselves alive for the playoffs taking down the Chiefs in Arrowhead on Thanksgiving or Christmas day.

So we’ll jump in here second quarter Chiefs are leading four or seven to three excuse me five minutes left in the second quarter first and 10 for Kansas City after a punt from the Raiders from their own 13 yd line. They’re running a weird formation where Isaiah PCO is actually taking the snap, he’s lined up at quarterback and Mahomes is to his right at running back. So the ball is snapped to PCO with Richie James in motion he tries to hand to Mahomes but the snap is or the handoff is botched the ball’s on the ground Bal Nichols picks it up and he storms his way into the end zone for a touchdown. So another big man touchdown as the Raiders had one last week unreal scenes Mahomes drops the hand off picked up by Bal Nichols touchdown Raiders puts him up nine to 7 because Carlson missed the extra point there was a botch snap but ensuing kickoff is a Touchback Chiefs get the ball back on their own 25 yard line next play play from scrimmage first and 10 from the 25 Mahomes fakes the hand off throws right picked off jumped the route Jack Jones takes it back to the house he stares down Mahomes as he takes it in unbelievable play from Jack Jones two plays in a row two plays from scrimmage two defensive touchdowns for the Raiders 7 Seconds Apart look at this Jack Jones just reads Mahomes jumps the route taken off to the crib and he knows he’s gone he’s looking him right in the face he’s telling him letting him know about it 14 or excuse me 17 to 7 swing 7 Seconds two defensive touchdowns in 7 Seconds back to back plays from scrimmage and the last four touchdowns the Raiders have scored four have all come from the defensive side of the football because in their 63-21 route over the Chargers on Thursday Night Football last week their last two touchdowns of the game were both defensive one from John Jenkins that long fumble recovery touchdown and then that insane play of the week last week Jack Jones crazy one-handed pick six this week a botched handoff from Mahomes and PCO leads in B Balal Nichols scoop and score and then one play later Jack Jones jumps yet another route and takes to the house staring down Mahomes as he does it putting the Raiders up 70 to 7 and really the final blows in the first half as the game ended up being 20 to 14 final so huge swing of events for the Raiders unbelievable game that was for me and what a Christmas present that was for me from the Raiders unbelievable game I was losing my mind you have no idea so that’s our play of the week that brings up our takes our weekly recap away.

For more from week 16 of the NFL season and the continued playoff picture click the video below!

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