The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 33

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 33

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 33

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and today is January 2nd, 2024. So happy New Year to everyone! First episode of the new year, week 17 of the NFL season, only one week remaining. Next weekend is the last week of the NFL regular season, episode 33. Let’s get right into the weekly recap, but Happy New Year, let’s go right into it.

There’s only one week of the schedule remaining, like I said, and the playoff scenarios are wild across the board. I think there are five teams still in the hunt in the NFC Playoff Picture, only two in the AFC. A lot of stuff happened there this weekend, including my Raiders getting eliminated from the playoff contention for another year. I’m 22 now, so 19 out of 22 years of no, yeah, 19 out of 22 years of my life. One of them was when I was one, so that’s not great.

And if you’re a football fan, not just NFL, college football playoffs yesterday. The Rose Bowl between Michigan and Alabama and the Sugar Bowl between Washington and, um, uh, Texas. Unbelievable games yesterday. Rose Bowl was an unbelievable, was like an instant classic, went to overtime. Michigan took down the Alabama Crimson Tide 27-20. Huge game for Michigan to head to their first national championship since this style of the playoff has been around. Unbelievable game. That game was just a defensive fight, battling for field position all game long. Jaylen Milroe had a couple of big mistakes, uh, Blake Corum was unstoppable on the ground, and Michigan was able to fight back, tied up late, and then win in overtime. Huge defensive stop to come up and win it.

And the Sugar Bowl between Washington and Texas was an unbelievable matchup, shootout from the beginning, very high-powered both offenses. Penix was going absolutely nuts, throwing lasers all across the field. I don’t know, the last two years as a Raiders fan, I’ve been saying I kind of want this guy, and last night, I don’t know, that makes me want him even more. He went absolutely insane, threw for about 430 yards, three touchdowns, I think could have had more. But I mean, they kind of blew the game at the end. They had a chance to run the clock down, but their running back Dylan Johnson took an injury. The clock would have run all the way down to 15 seconds, but it stayed at 40. No, they actually put it back to 50 seconds. So Texas got a chance, went all the way down to the 12-yard line, a chance to score, but Washington defense, which they are not known for, ends up coming up big for them as well.

So both college football playoff semi-finals unbelievable games, coming down to the last second defensive stops. Seven-point win for Michigan in the Rose Bowl and a six-point win for Washington in the Sugar Bowl. So National Championship will be next Monday night, the 8th, between the Michigan Wolverines and the Washington Huskies. Unbelievable matchup, offense versus defense, best offense in the nation versus the best defense in the nation. Can’t wait for that. So if you’re a college bball fan as well as an NFL fan, just, just a football fan in general, this was a great, great, great couple of weeks span for us.

We’ll move into our play of the week, so we’ll move to Baltimore here as the Ravens look unbelievable to end this season. But we’ll talk a little bit more about that in the, uh, in the standings update. But let’s go to the play week right now.

So first and 10 here for Tua and the Dolphins right before halftime. They’re down by eight points, looking to cut the deficit or get a chance to tie it up with a touchdown and a two-point conversion. First and 10 here from the 44-yard line, first play of the two-minute warning. Tua pumps, looks across the middle, and it’s intercepted by Roquan Smith. What a play he makes on this one, returns it all the way into Dolphin territory inside the 40-yard line, setting up the offense. But look at the replay on this one. Roquan Smith, unbelievable play, jumps throughout. Hard to see there, replay kind of cuts in quickly, but look at this play by Roan Smith, just one-handed snag just right there, tuck it and go. Unbelievable play by him. So a one-handed interception from Roquan Smith sets up the Ravens inside the 40-yard line of the Dolphins. Fourth and seven, though. Lamar trying to keep the drive alive, make a play, throws one-handed catch again by Isaiah Likely, makes the catch, runs down the sideline, dives for the pylon, touchdown Ravens. Unbelievable play from Isaiah Likely. So the drive starts with a one-handed pick by Roquan Smith, and then this unbelievable one-handed catch from Isaiah Likely, catch and run, turns it up down the sideline, dives for the pylon, touchdown Ravens. Look at this, just another one of those little snags, unbelievable catch from Isaiah Likely, finishes the play with a touchdown. So the Ravens looking absolutely unstoppable, double one-handed catches there, one by the defense linebacker Roquan Smith and then another one by Isaiah Likely, this tight end, to cap off an unbelievable game that they had in this game. But we’ll get into that. Unbelievable plays by Roquan Smith and Isaiah Likely, those are plays of the week, both coming from Baltimore Ravens, on five plays away from each other, four plays away from each other. Unbelievable stuff. Those Baltimore Ravens looking like the best team in the NFL right now.

For more from this game and this past week in the NFL click the video below!

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