The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 35

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 35

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 35

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show I’m your host Frank Ramppen and let’s dive into Super Wildcard Weekend as that just wrapped up last night on Monday. We had two games on Saturday, only two games on Sunday because of the schedule change I have it on Sunday the Bills/Steelers game at 1:00 that was supposed to be 1:00 on Sunday got moved to Monday at 4:30, so Saturday, Sunday and Monday, all three of those days three in a row game at 4:30 and a game at 8:20 so pretty good for the NFL week that there was two games for three games in a row it worked out pretty well but it was weird not having an early game on uh Sunday morning but nevertheless the Wild Card super Wildcard Weekend has come to an end we know our divisional matchups now let’s get into our weekly recap and discuss all of the action that got down over the last 3 days.

So the first game of Super Wildcard Weekend was the Texans and the Browns. CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans were able to handily defeat them by a score at 45-14 huge huge offensive numbers put up by the Texans and CJ Stroud to take down the Cleveland Browns and Joe flacco. The Chiefs defeat the Dolphins in the fourth coldest game in the history of the NFL 26-7 the Green Bay Packers absolutely rolled the Dallas Cowboys in Jerry’s World they won 48-32 the score is a little bit misrepresentative of the actual game there as at one point it was 48-16 pack. The Lions took down their old friend Matthew Stafford and the Rams 24 to 23 in our only close game of Wild Card Weekend really. The bills took down the Steelers 31 to 17 and the Bucs absolutely destroyed the Philadelphia Eagles last night I believe the final score was 32 to 9. In Super Wildcard Weekend home teams went 5-1 the only team that won on the road was the Packers. The Packers went into Jerry’s world only team to win on the road handedly taking down the uh the Dallas Cowboys very disappointing and we’ll get into all of that stuff but first we’re going to start off with our play of the week. 

This week I got two and they actually both came from the same game so this was originally like I said supposed to be Sunday at 1:00 in Orchard Park New York but there was an unbelievable blizzard that took place there about 4 feet of snow in some areas around the Buffalo area in Orchard Park. Would not have been able to play a game at Sunday at once so they had to play on Monday um and after the bills got off to a hot start both tight ends caught a touchdown in the first quarter the Buffalo Bills first touchdown from Josh Allen to Dawson Knox the second one to Dalton Kincaid, first time in the history of the NFL playoffs that a team had both two tight ends score in the first quarter so that’s pretty cool first time that ever happened. 

So here we are pick it up in the second quarter here 14 to nothing Buffalo it’s third and eight play here for Josh Allen in the bills he takes the snap pressure coming he’s going to take off and run for the first down he’s got the first down easily and it looks like he’s going to decide if he wants to slide or not here, nope I’m going to lower my shoulder and truck this guy takes off 52 yard rushing touchdown for Josh Allen to put the Buffalo Bills up 21 to nothing. Snowballs flying in Buffalo fans are going absolutely insane look at that scene great every time the bills did anything great the snow is going nuts but look at Allen escapes the pressure rolls up and he like kind of does a little hesitation right there but then he just barrels right through a Defender takes off 52 yard touchdown the second longest touchdown run in the history of the playoffs by a quarterback and it was the longest touchdown run in the history of the playoffs by any Buffalo Bills player ever so pretty impressive stuff from Josh Allen he played unbelievable on Monday and that run really just was an exclamation point. 

For more from the Bills vs. Steelers and highlights from super wildcard weekend click the video below!

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