The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 40

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 40

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 40

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host, Frank Ramppen, and let’s dive into another week of the college basketball season. This is episode two of the college basketball recap, so we’re going to dive right into that weekly recap that we always do.

The big story in college basketball right now is the big court-storming controversy that happened this weekend between Wake Forest and Duke. It was the biggest game in the last 10-15 years in Wake Forest program history, hosting Duke. They were on the bubble, on the outside looking in at this point, not in the tournament. They needed a big win against number eight Duke, and they played a great game. It was the largest crowd in the history of Wake Forest Arena, a big, big game. And then it came down to it.

With 1.8 seconds left, they’re trying to miracle here, they’re down by four, so they need like a miracle. And then you see Kyle Filipowski right now, they storm the court and he gets taken out by a couple of students. It looked like there was a little bit of knee-to-knee contact, the student was running through, and you see the Duke players and John Shire, they create a barrier around him, they all just kind of hug him. He looked like he was in a lot of pain when I was watching this live. I was like, “Oh my God, that’s not good.” Like, he’s one of their best players, he looked like he was in a lot of pain. Duke players were not happy about it, they’re just having a great time on the court, but he looked really hurt at first. He looked like he was in a lot of pain, and the Duke players were not happy about it. So obviously, that’s not a good situation. You can’t have that happen ever, like fans coming on the court is one thing, but you can’t come out there and look at this, like they’re running right at him. Like, you have awareness to move around players, that, to me, is the part that I don’t love. Kyle Filipowski seems to be okay, he has a bruised knee, so good thing it wasn’t anything serious, like a sprained knee or anything further than that knee damage, structural damage. So good thing that wasn’t the case, but a scary situation nonetheless.

But let’s talk about court-storming here for a second. That’s been the topic of conversation for the entire week since that happened. Here’s my take on it. Court-storming, everyone says the fans don’t belong on the court as much as the players and the coaches don’t belong in the stands. Well, I understand that completely.

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