The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 44

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 44

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 44

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen. As always, back at the home studio set up right now. Got some action this right here, a little bit unfortunate we’re not going to go into that but got the basketball on the table because we’re breaking down the first weekend of March Madness. Let’s get right into it. What a first weekend it was, round of 64 and 32 happened this past week Thursday through Sunday. What a first weekend of the NCAA tournament and let’s just go right into the bracket breakdown.

Alright, so the first round started in the west as that was the first game to tip off. Michigan State took down number eight Mississippi State to open the tournament. It was a pretty good game for the start of it but Michigan State ended up winning that game pretty handedly. Tom Izzo getting things done in March like normal. Arizona they beat Long Beach State in the last game coached by the Long Beach State head coach he was actually not an employee of the school heading into that game so nothing surprising so far. UNC they took down Wagner the 116 matchup not a very good game there. Number 10 Nevada they were up 17 points with 6 minutes left to go in this one blew it to Dayton Dayton wins moved on to the second round ridiculous collapse by Nevada I had them going kind of far in a few of my brackets brutal loss from them and honestly a brutal opening round from the Mountain West we’ll keep going for it. Baylor they beat Colgate very handedly not a very good game there and Clemson they beat number 11 New Mexico and every single person had New Mexico another one of those Mountain West teams going extremely far I had them going to the sweet 16 and losing but I mean a lot of people had them going to the elite eight, final four maybe not the championship game but some people had them going to the final four Mountain West 0 for two so far as we look through this. Alabama they took down Charleston Alabama high scoring offense Grand Canyon number the number 12 seed our first 12-5 upset they beat St Mary’s for their first-ever tournament win in school history and shout out to what’s his name uh I got to find his name hold on excuse me this has to happen because shout out to to I need to do it basketball player he went through two open heart surgeries came back and led the team in scoring through the first two games they win their first-ever Tournament game and I mean it’s unreal story he hadn’t played basketball in two years it’s Tyion Grant Foster the senior from Kansas City unbelievable story he led them for their first-ever tournament win against St Mary’s unbelievable for him after two open heart surgeries.

Now move to the east the first upset this was the second game of day one the Dukes, the 11 seed, took down number six BYU who BYU one of the best three-point shooting teams in the country coming into the tournament a team that a lot of people were a little bit worried about especially with their three-point shooting like they could take down they played Iowa State tough in both the games they played against him in the Big 12 Iowa state was a two seed in that same region so I mean crazy crazy it’s the first tournament win for Duquesne since 1969. 20,095 days that’s the third longest gap between wins in NCAA tournament history unreal.

For more from the NCAA tournament and some predictions for the next round click the video below!

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