The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 46

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 46

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 46

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and baseball is back. Major League Baseball returned about 10ish days ago, a little over in Seoul, South Korea, between the Dodgers and the Padres. We touched on that a little bit in a couple of episodes ago, but had to really wait for the official opening day Thursday, March 28th. And the first weekend, opening week of the MLB, has finally got here and I could not be more excited. Got my A’s shirt on, let’s go Oakland, and we’ll dive right into the first baseball episode of 2024.

So opening week is upon us, let’s get into the recap. Baseball is back and let’s take you out to the Oakland Coliseum for opening day for our play of the week. Let’s do it, why not? Why would we not? You know, because unreal things were happening in Oakland, maybe not wins, but in the outfield. So top of the first inning, actually, this was Saturday, this was an opening day, excuse me. So this was a couple of days into the season. This might have been Friday, not positive, but whatever. Not opening day because JPC’s on the mound. Believe it was Saturday. So top of the first inning, one away, just kicking things off here at the Coliseum. He’s looking for win number one in the season. Jose Ramirez, the AL MVP front runner, or not front runner, he’s been up there for MVP, not won the award. He’s finished second, he’s finished third. But coming up for his first at-bat here, top of the first, one count, facing JP Sears, he rips an off-speed pitch high and deep in the air to the center field. JJ Bladé, ranging back, leaps and brings back Jose Ramirez’s homer. What a play from JJ Bladé, fully extended at the wall, reaching and pulling that one back. So first play of the week for baseball comes from the boys out in Oakland. What a play, JJ Bladé, like Dallas Braden would say, kicking things off the right way. But A’s, do pick up a win, their first win of the season on a walk-off walk on Easter Sunday. So in the win column, that’s all I got to say.

So diving from our play of the week that was in Oakland all the way to Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati where the Reds took on the Nationals this weekend at the weekend series. This game comes from Easter Sunday and if you saw how this game ended, oh boy, what a finish this was.

For more from the start of the MLB season click the video below!

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