The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 49

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 49

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 49

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I am your host Frank Ramppen. Let’s dive into another week of the MLB season. So, a little bit of a hiatus here on The Bobby Valentine Sport Show but that’s just because I’m graduating college, just trying to get all my stuff ready to go. But we’ll be back every single week now for the rest of the season.

A full month of the MLB season is in the books now. It started on March 28th, today is May 1st, so over a month into the season. April is gone and what a month it has been. Some surprising good starts, some surprising bad starts for some teams. We’ll break it all down for you but let’s start how we always do with our play of the week.

So, this one’s going to take us out to Detroit, bottom of the third inning here. Parker Meadows at the dish, Seth Lugo on the bump for the Royals. Kansas City one nothing, Royals here, 2-2 count to Parker Meadows. Meadows is going to lift one high and deep in the air to right field. Runner leads off first going back, Adam Frasier leaps at the wall and brings it back. Couple shuffle steps, fires back into first, one hop on the bag, double play. What a turn from Adam Frasier, leaps at the wall, times it just perfect, elbow above the yellow line, brings back the homer. What an athletic play from Adam Frasier. I mean Adam Frasier, utility player, played a lot of second base in his career, that’s his primary position. I mean not really an outfielder making an unbelievable play to rob a homer from Parker Meadows. Great great play from him out in the outfield.

Now from the game of our play of the week to the game of the week now. And I mean I’ve been a little bit slacking two game of the weeks this week. First one, this past Sunday Night Baseball at Fenway excuse me, two of the most historic franchises in baseball meeting at a historic venue in Fenway Park, oldest in all baseball. Connor Wong in the bottom of the first inning grounds one back up the middle, RBI single opens up the scoring for the Sox in the first. Good piece of hitting there on the slider, working away, just pounds that one back up the middle right back where it came from. And I always love to watch the interviews that they do with the players in the field on Sunday night. This week was Tyler O’Neal, had him out there in left, and Tanner Ha who had an unbelievable week of pitching or month of pitching honestly in the month of April along with the entire Red Sox staff. He was out there, struck out the side, so didn’t have too much to hear from Tyler O’Neal.

For more from the early weeks of the MLB click the video below!

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