The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 5

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 5

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 5

The Bobby Valentine Sport show is back, and this week’s baseball action has been nothing short of spectacular. A highlight from this week includes a brawl between Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson, possibly one of the greatest MLB fights in history. They both went all out, and Jose Ramirez laid Tim Anderson out. It was an intense showdown.

Moving on to another exciting topic, the Chicago Cubs are on fire. They’ve won 13 of their last 16 games, and they recently beat the Atlanta Braves in a series. Their offense is looking formidable, and they’re currently in the mix for a wild card spot and even a shot at the NL Central.

Additionally, the July Players of the Month were announced. In the American League, Shohei Ohtani received the Player of the Month award for the second consecutive time, showcasing his incredible hitting and pitching abilities. He hit .282 with nine home runs and had an OPS of 1.152. He’s a strong candidate for the AL MVP. In the National League, Cody Bellinger was named Player of the Month for July. He hit .400 with an OPS of 1.122, eight home runs, and 24 RBIs. His performance has been instrumental in the Chicago Cubs’ recent success.

For the pitchers of the month, Tyler Glasnow received the award in the American League. He made six starts in July, posting a 2.11 ERA with 51 strikeouts. He held his opponents to a .186 batting average. In the National League, Corbin Burns of the Milwaukee Brewers was named Player of the Month. He had a 1.85 ERA, a 0.72 WHIP, and opponents hit only .115 against him in July.

Finally, the Rookie of the Month award went to Tristan Casas from the Boston Red Sox in the American League. He turned his season around in July, hitting .349 with an OPS of 1.199 and seven home runs. In the National League, Francisco Alvarez, a Mets catcher, made an impressive impact with eight home runs, 16 RBIs, a .623 slugging percentage, and a .974 OPS.

These players and teams are making waves in the baseball world, and it’s an exciting time for fans of the sport.

For more from this wild week of baseball click the video below!

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