The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 50

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 50

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 50

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen. Let’s dive into another week of the baseball season.

So first week of May under the belt, players of the week for the first week of May. Brent Rooker of the Oakland A’s had a .438 batting average over 1600 OPS, 3 home runs on the week, 7 RBIs. Two of those home runs came in the bottom of the third inning, same inning on Saturday in a 20-4 route of the Miami Marlins. So the Oakland A’s playing way better baseball than anybody could really imagine and Brent Rooker one of the best hitters in baseball at the moment.

National League player of the week, no surprise, Shohei Ohtani. He’s been the best player in all of baseball for pretty much the first month and a little bit of the season. He’s been unbelievable, hitting .524 over the week, north of 1500 OPS, three home runs as well, six runs scored, seven RBIs, two stolen bases. I mean, the guy is just absurd, hit another home run last night after two on Sunday, just an absolute freak. He can’t be stopped right now, just tattooing National League pitching.

Let’s go to the play of the week. This takes us to Petco Park in San Diego. Manny Machado stays on a breaking ball, lifts it high and deep in the air to right field. Stuart Fairchild onto the track at the wall, leaps and brings it back. Oh my goodness, what a play by Stuart Fairchild to bring back a homer. And have we seen something like this before? Maybe 2017 World Baseball Classic, same stadium, same batter, Petco Park, Manny Machado back when he was on the Orioles. High flyball, deep center field when he was playing for the team Dominican against Team USA and his former teammate Adam Jones made a similar play to rob him of a home run in field. So Petco Park, now Manny Machado’s home field as now he’s a Padre. Similar play happens to him, robs the homer, Stuart Fairchild, unbelievable, what a play.

So now we go from the play of the week to the game of the week.

For more from the beginning of May baseball click the video below!

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