The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 51

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 51

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 51

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host, Frank Ramppen, back in the home studio with all the lovely pieces of memorabilia on the wall. Let’s dive into another week of the MLB season. It’s the second week of May, and Mother’s Day was yesterday. There were lots of great Mother’s Day baseball games. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there, including my mom.

Let’s start off with the play of the week. This one takes us out to Atlanta, Georgia, in a game between the Red Sox and the Braves. Chris Sale was on the bump, and Garrett Cooper was at the dish. Cooper got into a slider from Sale, lifting it high and deep to left field. Kellick went back to the track, to the wall, sized it up, leaped, and brought the home run back. The timing of the jump by Jared Kellick was unbelievable. He got to the spot, timed it perfectly, leaped, and looked like he didn’t even know he had caught it. When he realized the ball was in the webbing, he lost his mind. It was an unbelievable play from Jared Kellick. Chris Sale loved it, almost gave up a homer there but not to be.

Jared Kellick and the Braves have been playing some pretty good baseball lately, but not as good as their counterparts in the division, the Philadelphia Phillies, who have been the hottest team in baseball along with the Twins. The Phillies currently have the best record in baseball. Now, Jared Kellick made an unbelievable play, so let’s go to our game of the week. This one was on Saturday: Pirates versus Cubs. It was the very highly anticipated debut of Paul Skenes, the number one overall pick in last year’s MLB draft, finally coming up to pitch for the big club in Pittsburgh. This was a huge event, likely a sellout crowd in Pittsburgh on May 11th. The crowd was absolutely rocking, it was unbelievable.

Skenes came out to take the mound for his first inning of work. Top of the first inning, PNC Park was buzzing. The first batter he faced was Mike Tauchman, and he blew him away with a 101 mph fastball. See you later, first batter, first strikeout for the big man Paul Skenes. All five of the four-seam fastballs he threw in that first at-bat to Mike Tauchman were over 100 mph, showing that he was locked in and ready to go immediately. He did not stop there.

For more from Paul Skenes debut and some crazy plays from baseball this week click the video below!

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