The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 52

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 52

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 52

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host, Frank Ramppen, and let’s dive into another week of the MLB season. I recently made a quick trip over the past week and a half, visiting five MLB stadiums for five games in five different cities. One of them is proudly represented by the logo across my chest right here.

It started off in Miami, my last day down in Florida after moving out of school. I went to a Miami Marlins game on Friday night. Then I came back to New York on Tuesday and went to Citi Field to catch a Mets game. I saw Aaron Nola throw a complete game shutout in 106 pitches, his fourth career complete game shutout. On Friday night, I attended a Yankees game where I saw Aaron Judge hit a homer in the first inning, Giancarlo Stanton hit a homer, and saw two doubles from Stanton. Pretty exciting stuff.

After that, I flew out to California to visit my brother and went to a Giants game on Sunday. I watched the Giants take down the Rockies with Matt Chapman playing some incredible third base. It was part of his stretch where he had seven consecutive hits in seven at-bats. To cap it all off, on Tuesday I attended a game in Oakland between the Rockies and A’s. It was a great game, and I have a fun fact about that one.

So, let’s dive right into it: five games, five cities, all in about a week and a half. That’s why we missed last week, but let’s move into this week’s stat of the week.

Don Mattingly, the great Yankees legend, was one of the few Yankees legends who did not win a World Series. In 1987, he set an MLB record by hitting six grand slams in a single season. Six grand slams in one season is an MLB record that still stands today. Mattingly had a very long career, but in the five seasons before 1987, he hit zero grand slams, and in the five seasons after 1987, he hit zero grand slams. So, he hit six grand slams in 1987 and didn’t have a single other one for his entire career. Pretty incredible stuff.

Now, let’s go to the play of the week. It’s going to take us to the south side of Chicago, where the Baltimore Orioles just took on the Chicago White Sox in a three-game series.

For more from this week in the MLB click the video below!

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