The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 53

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 53

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 53

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I am your host, Frank Ramppen, and let’s dive into another week of the MLB season. Yesterday, June 2nd, marked Lou Gehrig Day, honoring all those who have lost their lives and are battling ALS, and remembering the legendary career of the Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig. Yesterday was also Daryl Strawberry Bobblehead Day, following the retirement of his number at Citi Field. As tradition holds, a bobblehead in New York means it’s going to be on the table, so Daryl Strawberry, welcome to the squad. To commemorate him, I’m wearing my Daryl Strawberry jersey today. His number 18 will never be worn by a Met again, and yesterday, fans received a bobblehead to celebrate.

Now, let’s dive into the stat of the week. We’re in the full swing of baseball season, and college baseball is in the thick of playoffs. The regionals started this past weekend, and what an incredible weekend of games it was. On Friday, there were six walk-offs in one day, with three of them being walk-off home runs. This was the most on any day in college baseball since 1999. It was an unbelievable first day of the regionals, with ten walk-offs over the weekend so far, and still six more games to go today. The record for walk-offs in a regional round is 12, so there’s a good chance it could be broken after this weekend. College baseball has been unbelievably fun to watch, and if you haven’t been watching, you’re missing out.

Now, let’s go to our play of the week. There was a lot of great outfield play throughout the week, and this one actually came in at number two on the MLB top 10. Ian Happ smokes one to center field, and Blake Perkins, ranging back, lays out on the warning track, diving into the fence to make an unbelievable catch to rob extra bases. What a jump, what a play, giving up his body with full-out extension. He slammed the side of his head into the wall, and thankfully it was at the end of his slide, not full speed, but still, wow.

For more from the past week in baseball click the video below!

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