The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 6

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 6

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 6

Alright, hello, hello, hello, and welcome back to the Bobby Valentine Sport show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, as always, and we’re going to dive into another week of this year’s baseball season as we’re about halfway through August. Now, getting to the nitty-gritty of the baseball season, with about a month and a half to go, let’s start with our weekly update. So, let’s start with our weekly recap, and we have a little bit of a different section to start this off, and it’s the “What Just Happened” segment.

Wednesday night in Boston at Fenway Park, Red Sox versus the Royals. Kyle Isbel comes up, and got the video here right for you. Kyle Isbel comes up and smokes one to left field over Masutaki Yoshida’s head. He doesn’t see the ball; he doesn’t catch; he’s like, “What, where’s the…?” If you notice, the first out light is shattered. The ball went right through the first out light, shattered right through it, and it’s just sitting in there. A run scored from first, mind you. It was a ground-rule double. The runner had to go back to third, and the run ended up not scoring. The Red Sox ended up winning by one run. So, the green monster comes into play, swallows up a ball, the monster it is, and saves the Red Sox, keeps the Royals off the board, saves them a run, and ends up winning them the ball game.

Fun fact, I’ve been talking about Hernandez, the bobblehead night. That was Hernandez bobblehead night, so I was there. If you’re listening, you commented before, “Hey, home now, home now. Are you kidding me? Get him in there, get him in there.” Look at that, gotcha brother right here. He wasn’t playing in that game, obviously, because he’s on the Dodgers now. Pretty interesting stuff. Masutaki Yoshida, I thought I was at the game. I was sitting down by the pesky pole in right field on the right field line. I thought he caught it from my angle. It looked like Yoshida jumped up and made a nice catch at the wall. I thought the noise was him smashing into the wall. After he got up and started looking around like, “Oh, he didn’t catch it,” I thought then it hit off his glove and went into the little slit in the wall where the guys with the camera and the guy who does the scoreboard is sitting at. That’s what I thought happened, but then you could tell that the first outlet was a little bit off. It was broken, a little bit shattered. You could tell that the lights had a little bit of white in it. You could see the actual light coming through the red, and sure enough, Yoshida reaches into the wall and grabs the ball out, ground-rule double. After the game, Alex Cora had this to say: “We go over the rules, and they always ask about if the ball gets stuck in the monster. I’m like, ‘That’s not gonna happen,’ but it did. So, that may be a first, and I was there for it.” So pretty cool thing to see Hernandez bobblehead night. Let’s go, baby. Love you. Let’s go, baby, even though you’re killing my A’s. You just smoked my A’s in a series last week, but it’s all right. Don’t worry about it.

Next part, we’re going to go with MLB’s hottest team, keeping that trend going. Instead of this week, last week, it was the Baltimore Orioles. Now we’ve moved on to the Los Angeles Dodgers. They’ve regained their regular-season dominance. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman are just so good at baseball. Like, they’re just so good at baseball. They’re like, they’re so good. Freddie, with over a 25-game span, was hitting 500 for a 25-game span. Freddie Freeman was hitting 500. That’s unheard of. And I mean, like I said, the Dodgers look like the normal, regular-season dominant Dodgers that they do every single year. And I mean, it’s really absurd. It really is. I’m sorry. I can’t get over how much I love this. One. It’s such a great addition. Now, look at this. Look at this guy we got. We got Chapman. We got Madio, who we’re going to talk about a lot today. Are you kidding me? We got Bobby with the mustache. We got Nestor, Captain America. Derek Jeter, Bucky Dent, you kidding me? And then we got Severino. Oh, boy. I’m going to talk about that one. And then now we’ll move on. I say it every week, my favorite part of the weekly recap, the outfield play of the week.

Making his outfield play of the week segment return, by the way, this is episode six, right? Hi, Valentine Sports Show, episode six. This is going to be the third appearance by this man in six weeks. So he’s accounted for 50 percent of our outfield plays of the week. Just putting that out there. But here we go. Cedric Mullins. Oh, my God, this guy seems like he’s making a ridiculous play every other time I watch the Orioles play. He did get hurt. He spent a little bit. He spent about a month, maybe three weeks to a month down in the minor leagues, but he’s back, and oh, boy, is he back. So we’re going to jump to Seattle, where the Orioles are taking on the Mariners. Bottom of the ninth inning, three to two lead for the Orioles. And Ty Francis hitting with one away in the bottom of the ninth inning. And we’ll pump it up. So Francis gets one and smokes it to deep right-center field. Cedric Mullins back to the wall, leaps, and oh, my goodness, are you kidding me? He pulled this thing about two feet over the fence, yanked it back. It would have been the tying run home run right there, and he just yanks it back. Are you kidding me, Cedric Mullins? We got to look at this one more time. Are you serious right now? Oof, Ty France really getting into that one. Cedric to the track and oh, like how many times has he robbed the home run? Instagram. How many times do you have the home run this year? That’s the third time he’s been on this. And all three of the plays have been him robbing a home run. He robbed Byron Buxton of two homers earlier, and then he just robs Ty France at the time, a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth inning.

So two away now, right? Two away. Next batter, two pitches later, Dominican zone with the bat flip. Oh, my goodness. Off the windows of the suites back there at T-Mobile Park. Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? So Cedric goes out there and makes a ridiculous home run robbery to prevent the tying run, and then two pitches later, up again, this time an absolute no-doub

ter. Cedric, nobody in the world has a chance to rob that one. Are you kidding me? That ball is smoked off the facing of the sweets in the second deck. You kidding me? Let’s add the Richmond territory from last year from this year’s Home Run Derby. Look at this. Oh, look at that backflip. Are you kidding me right now? Jeez. And that’s his first home run as a mariner.

So Cedric Mullins almost saved the game one out away, and then a home run. But guess who comes up in the top of the 10th inning? Cedric Bones. And after working a 3-2 count and ripping an absolute moonshot that just went fast, just went foul, three-two count, about an eight, nine-pitch at-bat, foul homer. Cedric goes and does this, blast off two-run homer, top of the 10th inning. Cedric Owens robs a home run. Cedric Mullins hits a home run. Orioles win 5-3. Are you kidding me right now? This is the Cedric Mullins game. This guy is just a regular. He’s a regular on our outfield play of the week segment. He comes, oh, he’s 50 of the time, et cetera, willing to drop in home run. So he robs a home run, comes up in extras, and absolutely tees off on a 3-2 pitch to win the game for the Baltimore Orioles.

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