The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 7

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 7

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 7

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to the Bobby Valentine Sport Show. I’m your host, Frank Ramppen, like always. If you can’t tell yet, we’re in a little different setup this time. I actually just moved back into school. I’m back down in West Palm Beach, Florida, so I’m in my apartment room now, not my dorm room. It’s a little different setup. We don’t have all the pictures on the wall, but we’ve got a nice little setup now. A little bit different because the NFL season is so close. We’re gonna get our Raider stuff to go, so we’ve got a bit of both. We’ve got some Raiders, we’ve got some A’s, we’ve got some little Baseball Classic, and we’ve got my map of my road trip that I want to take of all the stadiums starting in Florida, going all the way around. So, we’ve got a nice little setup here, but we’re going to jump right into it.

Also, I got a new A’s shirt. If you haven’t noticed, but if you’re an A’s fan, you might know what this is. It’s not a very happy one. It’s kind of a sad one. My friend down here gave this to me yesterday. Shout out to Kadina if you’re watching this, brother. Thank you, dude. He got me the Fuji shirt, but if you know, Fuji’s gone already. He only spent about half of his first MLB season with the A’s, and now he’s already back or he’s already gone. He’s with Baltimore. Sad for A’s fans because he was pretty exciting. He throws 102, but I mean, he was very wild, very, very raw player. So hopefully, he can turn it around in Baltimore, see if they can do better with him. But that makes their bullpen even more dangerous-looking.

Now that we’ll get past that, new setup, new place. This is where we’re gonna be for the next couple of months. Get used to it. This is a new place for me doing baseball and football soon. A little preview here. Alright, so now we’re going to get into our weekly recap, like always, and we’re going to start it off with the hottest player on the planet right now, the absolute freak of nature. Something happened to this guy after the All-Star break. Something happened to this team as well after the All-Star break. Julio Rodriguez just had 17 hits in a four-game span over this past week, as the most hits ever in a four-game span. 17 hits in four games. Think about that. He had nine straight hits at one point. Nine straight hits, nine at-bats in a row, a hit. Tied a franchise record, four straight four-hit games, and one of those games obviously was a five-hit game. If you factor in the math, four times four is sixteen, plus one is seventeen. So, four four-hit games in a row with a five-hit game. He was the first player with four-plus hits in four consecutive games since Milt Stock in 1925, almost 100 years ago, about 98 years. He’s the 13th player since 1900 with three straight four-hit games, and he’s the only person to do it with four stolen bases during the span. And during this time, his average went from 256 all the way up to 278, 22 points. It’s August. Your average is not supposed to move that much in August. What are we talking about? Julio is on a different planet right now.

So, 17 hits in four games. During that same exact four-game stretch, the New York Yankees, who we’re going to talk a little bit more about in the future of this episode—oh boy, they had 17 hits in those four games as a team. So, Julio Rodriguez had the same number of hits as the entire Yankees team for four games. In those four games, Julio scored five runs himself, and the Yankees scored four. So, Julio Rodriguez by himself was a better offense than the Yankees for the entire week since last time we talked. Guys, what’s going on? Wow. So, Julio Rodriguez just is on an absolute tear right now, just tearing it up, ripping the cover off the baseball, and the Seattle Mariners are the hottest team in the league now. The Seattle Mariners are 8-2. They’re on an eight-game winning streak, and they don’t look like they’re stopping at all. They’re not even in the Wild Card hunt right now. They’ve put themselves into the American League West race too, and we’re going to talk about that more in our standings update. But the top of the American League West right now, three teams are separated by one run, or one game, think about that. Texas, Houston, and Seattle, all within one game of each other, headed into the last month of the season. That’s going to be a very wild race in the American League West. It’s gonna be fun to watch.

For more on the continued playoff race for the MLB click the video below!

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