Arm Care Program

Arm Care Program at Bobby Valentine's

Worried about Tommy John and other structural issues that have been plaguing overhead sports for years?

Do you need an arm care program tailored to you and your body? 

BVSA, BVT Lab and EPT have joined forces to create comprehensive and personalized programs to fit your needs.  In order to maximize this programing, we suggest you link up with each of our teams. 

– Evolution Physical Therapy will evaluate, then focus on your stability and mobility.

– BVT Lab trainers will evaluate, then train your understanding and use of bio-motor abilities

– BVSA coaches will evaluate, then improve your bio-mechanics in your throwing motion.

The combination of these three approaches are specifically designed to prevent injury, promote arm health, develop proper throwing mechanics and maximize velocity.

EPT’s Arm Care Program is specifically designed to help prevent the occurrence of injuries to the shoulder, elbow and wrist that may lead to Tommy John Surgery or Rotator Cuff tears.  We will focus on three phases :

– Stability
– Mobility
– Manual Therapy

Each session will involve:
–  Individually curated manual therapy techniques to improve soft tissue function and address areas in your body that may be impeding progress or contributing to discomfort
– Stability exercises focused on strengthening and providing support for joints and commonly weak muscle groups found in athletes
– Functional mobility to help increase range of motion, gain control and improve strength in that new range


Our program is for athletes looking to elevate their performance on the field.  We develop strength and power in the weight room in combination with speed and agility on the turf.  

Training philosophy- Mixed training model, 3wk mesocycles consist of GPP, Hypertrophy, “Neural.”

– Mixed Training model is an effective method to lay the foundation for long term development.
-The weekly change of training focus will minimize risk of injury while improving performance, as well as allowing the athlete to train in-season or work on sport specific skills.
– Our training philosophy will induce adaptation of multiple qualities at the same time to improve performance.
-Our Weight room program is in conjunction with movement training. The Movement training allows for the expression of the strength and power built in the weight room.
– Understanding of Biomechanics and how to program movements will make athletes faster, more agile, and more powerful.



Our BVSA baseball and softball coaches have all been trained on our proven curriculum.  Knowing and understanding how to transfer energy from the ground up efficiently, is important to preventing injuries and maximizing performance.  Our coaches will help educate, demonstrate and motivate your athlete on proper training techniques.  

Each session will involve:

– Dynamic Warm Up Routine
– Throwing Progression Drills
– Appropriate Level of Throwing