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We are excited to welcome JA Elite Soccer Academy to BVSA.  JA Elite Soccer Academy was founded by Jhonny Arteaga, to provide club-conflict free elite soccer education to young athletes and teams. JAESA is a private youth soccer player development company which offers club services, team training, supplemental training programs, select teams, camps, clinics as well as individual training. Jhonny Arteaga is a former professional soccer player who excelled at different levels of the game. He has succeeded in his playing career by being true to his passion and dedication for this sport. Jhonny’s main goal is to pass on all of his soccer passion, knowledge, and experience to today’s young athletes through JA Elite Soccer Academy.

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“JA Elite Soccer Academy is proud to call the new BVSA facility it’s new indoor training center. We are looking forward to our partnership with Bobby Valentine, Frank Ramppen, and the BVSA team. We share the same values and passion for teaching, and inspiring the upcoming generations to reach for their goals on and off the field. This great indoor facility gives our players, coaches, parents and everyone involved with JA Elite a place to call home” said Jhonny Arteaga, Founder and Director of JA Elite Soccer Academy. Our new indoor home, helps us continue to make a great impact in the local soccer community by providing excellent soccer programs for players of all ages and levels….READ THE REST HERE!!

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Jhonny Arteaga

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“Jhonny and his coaches are phenomenal. Their player to coach ratio is fantastic and it shows in all of their training sessions.  They constantly create a fun, informative, and inspirational atmosphere.” said Anthony Conte. “We are thrilled with our partnership with JA Elite. Teaming up with great local organizations, is a crucial aspect to our continued success.”