Data Driven Development:

Elevate Your Game with Customized Athletic Training

Unlock a new level of athletic achievement with BVSA’s Data Driven Development. Utilizing the modern sports technology to capture body movements, bat metrics and batted ball data; we deliver a comprehensive assessment that forms the foundation for a training program tailored specifically to you. 

We have also partnered with Evolution Physical Therapy to provide physical screenings, sports performance training and physical therapy if needed. Their combination of those areas creates an unmatched advantage for our athletes over their competition. 

Features and Benefits

Advanced Assessment Tools

Using our modern technology we analyze the body, bat, and ball interaction during your swing, enabling targeted coaching to enhance your performance. Compare stats with peers to identify areas for improvement, elevate your game effectively and evaluate if you’re ready for the next level. You can also send those stats to any perspective coach.

Personalized Training Plans

Year-round, our coaches optimize your performance, whether in-season or off-season. Develop during downtime and send in-season clips for continual improvement on the field or in the weight room. You will be sent access to an Online Portal that holds all of your assessments and programming.

Flexible Training

Whether in-house or nationwide, our online training platform offers a comprehensive solution. Access our drill library and receive personalized programming. Upload videos for coach feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

Elite Coaching

With guidance from our top coaches’ Bobby Valentine, Frank Ramppen, Mike Abate, and Tyler Restivo, our approach is finely tuned to your individual needs. The day and age of having all of your athletes doing the same thing is over, our coaches have seen it all and tailor your programming to fit your needs as an individual.

With the help of our certified physical therapist and strength performance team we can uncover any physical limitations that may be restricting your performance on the field.

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Invest in Your Athletic Future

Comprehensive Hitting Assessment: Dive deep into your technique with our state-of-the-art evaluation.

Player Specific Programming: Embark on a personalized training journey designed for your ultimate improvement.

Customers reviews

Hear from athletes who've transformed their game with BVSA

Thanks to BVSA's personalized approach, I've seen improvements I didn't know were possible. The detailed feedback on my playing technique has been a game-changer.
Kevin Bruggeman
It helps me buy in 100% because it’s just objective evidence. I feel like hitting is so subjective nowadays because everybody has their own viewpoint. And for me I’m kinda a headcase so I tend to question if I’m getting better or not. But this gives me objective
evidence that what we’re doing is working and I’m getting better and I’m starting to feel a lot
better as well.
Zach Mascaro


Most frequent questions and answers

Bat Sensors
Ball Flight Tracker
Body Rotational Sequence Tracker

We take the measurements we receive from each tool and use that data to pinpoint an athletes deficiencies. Once we have those specified, we use that same data to prescribe workouts and drills tailored to your needs to maximize results.

You can. We don’t suggest it but it can be helpful data to share with your coaches and/or can be a great recruiting tool.

You can expect to understand what your strengths are and learn to play to them. Athletes will also learn their weaknesses and how to make those stronger.

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