Justin Virgulak

Justin Virgulak

Justin “Virg” Virgulak is a Stamford native who is obsessed with baseball. Whether it’s cards, MLB or just baseball videos on the internet, Virg has probably seen it. He has been a member of BVSA for 6 years but was here as a player since 2006 when the building first opened. Since he began working here, he has slowly climbed the ladder and become the facility director. If you have entered the building before, you have seen the different hats he wears (ask about it for 50 points in the BV reward program). 

Virg played baseball throughout his entire childhood and continued that into high school. He attended Springfield College and still had aspirations to play the sport he loved. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy with where he was as a player and the amount of talent that was already there. However, one thing he knew how to do was work hard.

Matt Fraioli said it best, ” Virg had no business being on a college roster, but he kept showing up every day. He put in work before and after practice and the coach had no choice but to let him hang around.” Virg knew this as well and understood his role. This is where that transition started once he was done with school and working full-time at BVSA. He continues that hard work and dedication to his craft, constantly working and looking for ways to improve the facility and company that we all love.

If you would like to schedule a time to work with Virg or any of our other coaches, please email [email protected] You can see our offerings and prices here before you reach out.

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