Tyler Restivo - Instructor
Tyler Restivo

Tyler Restivo, a former athlete from Stamford, Connecticut, is passionate about baseball and has a strong background in exercise science. During his high school years, Tyler attended AITE, but since the school lacked sports teams, he played baseball for Stamford High. Growing up in a family with a bodybuilding background, Tyler developed a love for staying active and pursued his passion for baseball.

After graduating high school, Tyler had the opportunity to play college baseball for two years at UConn Avery Point while studying exercise science. During this time, he dedicated himself to researching and learning the intricacies of pitching. Through hard work and dedication, Tyler was able to significantly improve his pitching speed from 78 to 91 mph. In addition to his focus on pitching, Tyler also assisted his teammates with hitting, throwing, and strength training.

With a deep connection to his hometown of Stamford, Tyler is eager to share his knowledge and love for baseball with others. He believes his background in exercise science and personal experience in improving his game give him a unique ability to help people enhance their baseball skills. Whether individuals are interested in developing their pitching, hitting, or overall baseball fitness, Tyler is committed to providing guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.