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The Bobby Valentine Training Lab (BVT Lab), is now powered by Evolution Physical Therapy. Our scientifically driven programs are formulated to help athletes and adult fitness clients perform beyond their maximum potential. If you know someone who would like to achieve any of those goals, you’re in the right place. The BV Training Lab provides athletic and fitness training programs for athletes and non athletes of all ages.

Our programs provide age and skill level appropriate weight, speed, agility, power, endurance, core strength, coordination development, tactical, and technical training. Every program will help athletes and adult clients become physically stronger, increase their body awareness, limit injuries, and enhance their game or quality of life.

We are very excited for the BVT Lab and what it offers our athletes and non athletes.  Using a scientific approach to training, the Lab aligns with our mission at BVSA: Inform, Instruct and Inspire.  If anyone you know is looking to run faster, hit harder or simply have a healthier lifestyle, this place.  Why let another day go by? 


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