Next Level Package

Next Level Package

This package is designed for those who want to enhance not only their game but metrics to the Next Level. Next level is a package that is centered around HitTrax. HitTrax is our high-tech dual featured system that provides advanced analytical metrics and video that many college coaches use everyday. With instantaneous feedback, HitTrax is a powerful tool that can propel your game to the Next Level.

Next Level also includes a FREE evaluation to start! 

                    • HitTrax evaluations, K-Motion evaluations and metrics analysis
                    • HitTrax helps hitters with exit velocity, strike zone analysis, and launch angle
                    • HitTrax helps pitchers with late break measurement, performance by pitch type, and pitch location 
                    • HitTrax helps catchers with pop time, exchange time, and throwing accuracy
                    • Film captured when using hitTrax can be sent to college coaches at no additional cost (Make your recruiting video stand out!)
                    • Individual sessions or packages available
                    • Work one on one with a Bobby V’s trained advisor

The great Ted Williams once said, “I’ve found in life the more you practice, the better you get. If you want something enough and work hard to get it, your chances of success are greater” … that is what Next Level is all about.

Cost Options: 
$100 per 30 minute session


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Ten hours for $1,250

Next Level Package

For All Ages
$100 30 minute session
  • Lessons with Hittrax tracking system
  • Data and video easily accessible
  • Instant feedback