Brianna Cardona – First County Bank November Athlete of the Month

BVSA proudly announces Brianna Cardona as the recipient of the First County Bank Athlete of the Month for November. Her commitment and passion for softball, bolstered by the unwavering support from BVSA, have shaped her into an exemplary athlete. Brianna’s insights, coupled with accolades from her coaches, paint a vivid picture of her impactful journey in softball.

A Significant Milestone

A noteworthy highlight of Brianna’s journey this November is her commitment and acceptance to Western New England College, where she will continue both her academic and softball career. This significant step is a testament to her hard work and dedication, marking a new chapter in her journey as a student-athlete.

Motivation and Growth at BVSA

Brianna draws her motivation from the unwavering belief her family and friends have in her. Over her six-year journey with the Titans, she has valued the around-the-clock access to practice and workout facilities and the welcoming atmosphere at BVSA.

Lessons, Aspirations, and Balance

Softball has taught Brianna the critical importance of mental strength. She acknowledges the game’s mental challenges and is grateful for the friendships and expert coaching she has received. Brianna aims to cherish her college experience, continuing her passion for softball and creating lasting memories.

Balancing athletics with other responsibilities has honed her time management skills, a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. To younger athletes at BVSA, she advises leveraging the supportive community and not hesitating to seek help.

Coaches’ Endorsements

Danielle Simoneau commends Brianna’s infectious energy: “Bri is the one player on the field that you hear no matter the score. She is always pumping up her teammates and yelling words of encouragement. Her presence push her teammates.”

Ashley Simoneau echoes this sentiment: “Bri is a blast to coach. She is a hard worker and an even better teammate. A strong girl who can play anywhere in the field and hit the ball a mile. It’s been such a pleasure to have her in our organization and we’re so excited to watch her continue her journey at the collegiate level.”

Inspiring the BVSA Community

Brianna Cardona’s recognition as the First County Bank Athlete of the Month is not just a celebration of her talents and spirit but also a nod to her bright future at Western New England College. Her journey exemplifies how dedication, support, and a nurturing environment can lead to remarkable achievements in sports and life. Congratulations, Brianna, on this well-deserved honor and your exciting new venture in academics and softball. Your story stands as a beacon of motivation for all athletes at BVSA and beyond.