First County Bank Athlete of the Month: Anthony Bozza Shines On and Off the Baseball Field

In the world of youth sports, few stories resonate as deeply as those that exemplify dedication, talent, and a commitment to community. This December, First County Bank Athlete of the Month, Anthony Bozza, a long-time trainee of Abate Training, encapsulates all these qualities and more.

Anthony’s journey is not just one of personal achievement but also of profound community impact. His non-profit initiative, Pitch In For Puerto Rico, showcases his drive to make a difference through the sport that defines him. The initiative, born out of Anthony’s love for baseball and his deep-rooted connection to Puerto Rico, has been pivotal in refurbishing baseball and softball fields ravaged by natural disasters, providing young players in hard-hit communities a chance to pursue their dreams.

His remarkable efforts have not gone unnoticed. At a sold-out event with 125 attendees, Anthony and his supporters raised $110,000, a testament to the community’s belief in his vision and his ability to inspire action. The funds are earmarked for vital projects, including the revitalization of a baseball field in Adjuntas and offering young talents four-year scholarships to the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and High School, a breeding ground for the sport’s future stars.

Anthony Bozza - December Athlete of the Month
Anthony Bozza – December Athlete of the Month

Anthony’s prowess extends beyond the realm of philanthropy. His baseball journey, under the diligent guidance of Abate Training, speaks volumes of his commitment to the game. Anthony’s dedication to improving his craft is evident in his own words. In an interview, he shared his driving force, “the journey to try and be the best at what you do can be rewarding.” This mindset is a cornerstone of his success and a reflection of the high-caliber training at Abate Training, where reducing mistakes and enhancing skills are at the forefront of their training philosophy.

The most valuable lesson Anthony has learned through baseball is that “hard work is key.” It’s a principle he applies not only in his athletic pursuits but also in his academic responsibilities and personal endeavors. His ability to balance his athletic commitments with other responsibilities is a trait that makes him a role model for young athletes at BVSA.

“I’m extremely proud of Anthony. What he’s set out to achieve as a young adult and his commitment to the process have been evident not only on the field but also off it. In a world where it can sometimes feel like everyone is out for themselves, Anthony has demonstrated the heart and passion to be there for others. One of the greatest glories we can derive from this life is the ability to help others. It seems like Anthony already understands this and is extending his hands to help at such a young age. I am extremely proud of Anthony and all he has accomplished!” – Mike Abate, Abate Training

As Anthony’s story unfolds, it’s clear that his impact transcends the baseball diamond. His journey is a narrative of passion, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s about hitting home runs not only in games but in the hearts of those he touches through his actions.

Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy and Abate Training are proud to recognize Anthony Bozza as the First County Bank Athlete of the Month for January. His story is a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that sports are not just about competition but also about community, character, and the enduring spirit of giving back.

Join us in celebrating Anthony, a shining example of how sports can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. Here’s to many more home runs, not just on the field, but in every endeavor he chooses to undertake.